Help Minor problem ACNE but big impact! Who has Acne?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AC77, Apr 10, 2003.

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    I know in comparison to everyones problem this may seem silly. I think when our systems get all chemically overloaded or stressed we sometimes get acne. I have put myself on Retin-A Micro at night and use Benzoyl Peroxide in the AM. I have a pretty decent diet and take my vitamins :) How many people here have acne on thier face or back as an adult?

    I don't want to use antibiotics and would really love a home-made receipe to get rid of this embarrasing blemish problem. Being a doctor it seems really funny too be afflicted and bothered so much by this. I only get it once in a while but it seems to be getting worse. Can I say, help?
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    I have adult acne, it has progressively gotten worse since I was 16. I finally tried Proactiv (info commercial) and it has worked very well on me. Yet my Mom can't use it. I know with having FM I should be using natural stuff but NOTHING else was working. I hope you find something that works for you, maybe oatmeal soap??

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    I know what it's like. I, too, have had success with the Proactive Solution program. I almost gave up because it took almost two months, but since then I almost never have any blemishes (maybe two small ones since it started working), and they go away very quickly. And it does affect how you feel about yourself. My weight is still more than I'd like it to be, but now that the Acne is gone, I don't worry about it nearly so much, and most of the time I'm quite happy with how I look, compared to when I had Acne, and I was ALWAYS obsessing about how fat and ugly I looked!


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    I don't wanna sound like one of those people that ya just wanna slap~ but.....All during my teens and further,I never hd a acne problem!!I had a very smooth,clear complexion.The only time I ever got any(maybe one)is around my period time. Well now I just turned 40~and the last couple years i've seen an increase in my zits!!!I mostly break out around the mouth/chin area. I even asked my dr. about maybe any of my meds causing this,he did'nt seem to think so,and thinks its just a case of adult onset acne~ I hate it thou......they are small clusters like of 4-5 at atime!not big,they don't even come to a head.They look more like white heads??pimples?? I have tried alot to get rid of them and nothing is helping!! A few here have mentioned the proactive.I have heard of it,but can't recall where???Is that the kit thats available on QVC sometimes?(around $36) I've used otc benz/peroxide,and salycylic acid ones.I have'nt had any luck so far. now i know how it feels to have this problem on top of all the others!! My other two sisters had acne in their teens,I never did.Now I have them,and they are clear~ This sux! any suggestions out there?
    Anyone tried chemical peels?(I've had a friend suggest that to me)Thanks all!!
    Warm regards,
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    In my late 20's or early 30's, can't remember which. It was not your typical acne; it was large hard zits which were very red and often never came to a head. They were on my lower face and neck. I eventually had to take antibiotics to get rid of them. Later, I developed rosecea and had a dickens of a time getting rid of it. I started using Clinique makeup and skin care and it went away.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have always had acne since about 13 years of age. It pretty much cleared in my twenties but came back with a vengence in my thirties. I used a topical antibiotic for two years before getting sick. The type of acne has changed somewhat. I now have what most of you are describing - hard bumps that do not come to a head (kind of looks like welts). I have some scarring on my nose from recent outbreaks. I am now using Clinique toner on a regular basis and aloe vera gel overnight. Seems to be working for now.

  7. Flibble

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    I just turned 40 and have acne. I use Serious Skin Care from HSN and it works fairly well. I have the cystic kind of acne (big, hard lumps). It is a ridiculous thing to have at this age. Wrinkles and Pimples! Good Luck! Flibble
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    I recently bought the 3 piece clinique set for oily skin.Hoping it'll help~ It does help somewhat cause without the toner(I ran out,and did'nt use it for a few weeks)and the acne was worse!!so i'm sticking with that for now.....till something better comes along.Our problem could be hormones??


    Now here is another symptom that we all share! I bet if we took notes on the types of symptoms we all have besides FM symptoms, we could possibly pinpoint our defincencies and come up with our own cure.

    I too had beautiful skin as a teenager, throughout my twenties and early thirties. As soon as I hit 38 I too started to get acne like you can't believe! I've tried everything from the Proactive mentioned above to Retin A and Hydrocro something prescribed by a Dermatologist...:) and nothing seemed to work. I did notice however when I hit 38 that if I got rid of the pimples myself, dont' want to gross anyone out but you know what I mean, a brown spot would show up as a result in it's place. Well the acne problem got so bad that I soon had patches of brown all over my face. I've gone for consultations to have it peeled off, lasered off, etc., and everyone tells me that even if they were to laser, peel, etc., the brown spots would eventually come back.

    It used to embarrass me when I went out without my makeup because people would stare at me like I was some sort of monster or sometimes others would try to give me home remedies. I remember one time I went into a Target and a lady approached me and asked me very nicely if she could give me advice on how to get rid of these brown spots. Inside, I was in great pain and wanted to cry only because she must have been the millioneth person to give me advice. But I was open and willing to try anything. She recommended ESOTERICA which is a skin discoloration face cream, the green jar, and this has really helped me and my self esteem. I mean, the brown spots are not gone, but they do seem lighter. My daughters tell me that I should not let it bother me because it makes me a very unique person from everyone else. HOW SWEET!

    Some people say that these brown spots are due to liver problems, but when my doctor has taken tests, everything come back normal. So I was wondering..........could it be Leaky Gut Syndrome? I had read somewhere on this board of taking the Kolyic Garlic Supplements to get cleanse the liver and its neighboring parts, :) but I had a "Herx" problem and I want to continue to take the supplement, but maybe half a supplement at a time.

    Weird thing is that, oh shuuutt, forgot what I was going to say! Let me think a minute. :) Oh yes, back to the subject, weird thing is that now I also have the white cysts that you all have mentioned above. These cysts wont even purge themeselves. They are solid as a rock.

    Why is it that we all have something in common? Isn't this scary? Ok, I'm rambling to much now.

    And the saga continues. :)
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    Hi family is from the Jersey area...West Orange..anyway, I have the same problem and im in the early 40's. I use and have always used Clinique. They have the mens part to and its great. Go get the Mens Extra-strength face soap..and get the astringent that goes with it. They have all kinds of great stuff and its well worth the money. It lasts a LONG-LONG time too. I think you wil see a difference. Hope this helps...Pammy
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    My daughter uses Differin topical cream with great success, it's prescription but I don't believe an antibiotic. It's a little drying, so she only uses it every other night, but it works!

    BTW, I don't think this is a silly or trivial problem at all! Most of us with FM and/or CFS already face self-esteem issues just due to limitations from illness, lack of acknowledgement from many in the medical community, frustration & lack of understanding from family, friends & co-workers-------I think whatever we can do to enhance ourselves so that we can feel positive & better about our self-image is a very important thing & not trivial!

    Good luck, hope you find something that works!
  12. scottabir

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    it does affect our self esteem very much so. Before I tried the Proactiv I was so depressed and wouldn't go anywhere. It took my skin to clear about 6 months. Now I only break out once a month during "that time". Even thoughs go away within a week though. I buy mine from QVC. I tired Clinique and it worked for a couple of months, but like everything else I had tried my skin seemed to become immune to it.