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  1. 30feeling80

    30feeling80 New Member

    Please help me.

    My right thigh has hurt since October. I feel a hard pinching and plucking between my knee and hip. My doctors have noticed a dip where my thigh is actually concave on the top and side.

    We measured. I have lost over 3 and 1/4 inches in that thigh alone since October!!! (no loss on the left thigh) My pants even fit weird.

    At rest, usually while sleeping, pain is a 10. Feels very much like my leg is being held against a hot iron or flame, actually makes me scream out loud until I can shove the covers into my mouth. Absolutely NOTHING controls the pain.

    Doctors insist it's nothing more than Fibromyalgia. Muscle enzymes were normal, ANA negative. They don't know what to do. Just 'ride this one out', 'give it rest and let it re-generate'.

    I've been managing symptoms for more than 6 years. Not willing to let this go. I'm worried it may chew on some more important muscles, i.e. the heart...

    ANY ideas, prayers, leads, would be VERY much appreciated.

  2. jole

    jole Member

    Hi there! Do you have back pain? The only thing I can think of that would cause such a drastic atrophy would be a pinched nerve in the back caused by a bulging disk. IF it is atrophy, it will not regenerate, and you will always have the weakness/loss in that leg. I would certainly keep trying to find an answer to this one.
  3. butterfly8

    butterfly8 New Member

    I would tentatively suggest that you get a chiropractor to look at it.

    Please ensure that they take exrays first and get a chiro who knows about fm.

    Doctors say 'just ride it out' but they do not go home with you and do not have to manage during the night like you have to.

    In the meantime, have you tried cold therapy for local and temporary relief? Wrap a packet of frozen peas in a towel or face washer and apply - GENTLY - to the area that hurts for no more than 10 minutes at a time. Make sure you are not 'brave' and let the area get so cold that it either burns or becomes numb. This might provide some relief.
  4. melk

    melk New Member

    I've found that using a good undenatured whey powder has helped my muscle tone a little. It's also picked up my stamina so that I'm able to do some light (very) exercise to tone up a bit. From what I understand, if your muscles are wasting then the body is actually eating its own muscle supply! You'll need protein to help counteract this ... undenatured whey is the superior choice.

    Also, my overall muscle pain decreases significantly when I take a good magnesium/calcium supplement in reasonably high doses. If I run out of capsules and go without for a few days, I can feel the difference.

    Good luck!
  5. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i cant help with your leg getting smaller but the pain i might be able to my legs hurt from my thigh to my knee i learned if i put a thin pillow on each side of me in bed and i lay my leg on it instead of the bed it takes the pressure off i also use a massager from my hips to my knee give it a try this has helped my mom also good luck charlene
  6. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I read your profile. You stated that you dabble with essential oils and fragrances. I don't know about you, but for me, that stuff is a HUGE NO NO.
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  7. lookingoutthewindow

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    Correct me if I am wrong FM DOES NOT CAUSE MUSCLE DETERIORATION! That is why it is so hard to diagnose. When my athletic arms started losing muscle (I am right handed and my right arm became much smaller than my left), FM masked the degernerative spine. Read my post to alaska3355. Please keep researching and get another opinion.

  8. vontech

    vontech New Member

    I had SEVERE muscle deterioration, probably caused by the meds I am taking (morphine). Doctor prescribed hormone shots, which built me back up.

    Good luck!
  9. TallMOM

    TallMOM New Member

    I fell and broke my leg the first of December. I had surgery, and could not put any weight on that leg. Just a few days ago I was told it was safe to walk on it.

    The muscle lost can be easily seen. I plan to get back to the pool for arthritis class work out. I do fear that I will not get much back.
  10. justjanelle

    justjanelle New Member

    (slightly off topic, sorry)

    You mentioned that you had a noticeable loss of leg muscle since your broken leg in Dec.

    I had surgery a year ago on a broken foot, which was in a cast and on crutches for 2 months, and I found that my muscles in that leg wasted away -- a lot!! However, I was really pleased to find that within a few months of returning to regular use, the muscle returned to normal (or very near normal) size in comparison to the other leg. I didn't have any physical therapy or anything special to help it along.

    Hoping for your speedy recovery.


    (Darlene, I wish I had some advice or insight for you with all you're going through. At least this will bump the topic back onto the first page.)

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