Help My apartment is a disaster. Inspection ON TUES

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ChristineInPA, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    I just found out TODAY that my apartment will be inspected on Tuesday.

    Since I got sick CFDS-Fibro-Depression-Panic) cleaning has not been my top priority and it's GROSS in here.

    The pain in my hands and back is bad today. That leaves tomorrow to try to clean a one-bedroom apartment.

    I had to take 2 xanax after talking to my landlord. Now, I'm freaking out because I have no idea how to get this place cleaned up in one day.

    Anyone been in this position?

    Any suggestions, ideas? All my friends work, so I can't get someone I know to help me.

    I just want to check into a hotel for a week and hide under the covers.

  2. TAM

    TAM New Member

    Hi Christine,

    Maybe if you explain your illness to your landlord and how difficult it is to clean. Maybe he would understand. Does your landlord seem like a nice understanding person?

    I really hope evrything works out for you. Your not alone by any means my house is a mess too! It's impossible to keep everything in tip top shape when anything you do makes your pain so much worse.

    If i were you i wouldn't make myself worse by cleaning to much don't get yourself in a flare-up because of it.


  3. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    My Landlord knows, but this inspection is being done by City Codes.

    They were here a month ago and told my landlord that my bathroom was not clean enough.

    I never expected them to look in my shower or in my toilet.

    I thought that City Codes checked only the building condition, but these guys lifted the toilet seat and pulled back the shower curtain.

    I'm really mad that my landlord didn't give me more notice.

    Actually, I just happened to call him about it and found out. HE didn't even bother to tell us yet.

    I am ashamed and embarrassed and mad and frustrated and resentful...
  4. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    I'm thinking about looking in the yellow pages to see if a service like Merry Maids does last-minute stuff.

    My landlord is a nice guy, but he's absent minded. I could punch him in the nose.
  5. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    I'm frozen with panic.

    I can't think of one thing I'm capable of doing today with the pain.

    The best I can do is make a list and try to schedule time to figure out long everything is going to take.

    But first, I think I'll take a nap...
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  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    in the future call you local county social services they be able to send someone over to help you out with cleaning because you are disabled...

    but i like using pray it on the shower walls and not scrubbing...kills that mildew...

    buy 2000 flush for toilet...

    but you do need to keep your home clean for your health....

    i am not saying i am better than you or feeling worse than you are...but you need to do a little here and there...stop take a nap or put feet up..

    have learned to pace myself...

    also i have learned many years ago...if someone is living in deplorable filth i will not help them clean up ever again...i did that so she wouldn't loose her children when the county came t inspect her home...i coldn't believe it....dirty clothes everywhere...she had cats sheouldn't have....she had two children that deserved better...and you know what she wasn't even ill...i had a broken shoulder at the time...a 4 year old of my own..a husband on a coast guad cutter....i still managed to keep a spotless home, mow the lawn cleaan up after my (our) rottweiler...bleach down his pin and clean his pin.....

    you need to learn to be proactive for your own health....

    the mildew and mold is a hazard to your health...

    call molly maids f you need to and can afford it....

    oh my neighbor friends went back to the same old messy home she had before the inspection... found out that wasn't the first time they were there...

    so i have vowed to never help out someone like that ever again....

    if you are sick that is one thing...but maybe that is why your friends aren't around...they don't see you as being sick...if we have our leg or arm cut off or in a cast then maybe they could see that we are not feeling good....

    so learn t pace yourself and call the county social services they very well may send someone out to help you with your laundry and cleaning...

    good luck and get focused on the cleanng

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and you have no children.....this should be a snap to keep on top must start the cleaning now...or you very well may get evicted....

    your husband should be helping out as well...i'm sure you didn't make the mess by yourself...take some excdrine migraine if ou can...and just gofor it...and yu will be proud of yourself..

    one-bedroom apt shouldn't take long..



    small bathroom can be extremely difficult....I used to panic over inspections as well...Once I got a call at work from my apartment complex they said that water was leaking from my upstairs apartment to the folks down stairs and they tried to get in but my dog wouldn't let them. I was in a panic and of course right in front of the doro was a puppy pad with poop on it and they saw that and the rest of the house was a mess and I know exactly how you feel, anyone who doesn't have this condition just doesn't understand that as much as you want to you cant make your body do something that it doesn't want to do and thats the difference with folks with fibro...I know still live in clutter and I am a stay at home mom and I clean just enough everyday to keep us from dissappearing!! My hubby works but seems to think house work is my job! It's pretty bad when I'm standing in the living room and I say to my kids okay we gotta clean up the house and my 3 year old son says, why who's coming over? !!!

    Good luck and take care!
  9. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I've never had to submit to an inspection, even back when I was renting - guess it's a new thing. However, having someone - like repairman - calling to say he will be there tomorrow (or even in a couple of hours) amounts to the same thing (embarrassment-wise, anyway).

    If you have until tomorrow just pick a place to start (clutter organization is the best place, LOL) and do it slowly. No rushing!! Work for a little while, then sit down for a little while. Repeat. Work one room at a time and do not allow yourself to be distracted by any other job that catches your attention.

    For clutter, have 3 bags/boxes; keep/put away, sort later and throw out. Stash the sort later box in the closet, even the put-away box if you don't want to do it as you go. Under couches & chairs with skirts is also a good place to hide stuff. The above also applies to anything on the floors - actually, that's where I usually start; an empty floor makes everything look better right away. After you get the clutter conquered vacuum or sweep and mop (if necessary) the floors. Dust last.

    The key is to first take a deep breath and calm down, then work slowly with many sit-downs. If you think you need them, light some scented candles well before landlord arrival. With 9 dogs in the house, I have to do that first!!

    Hope this helps.

    By the way, where in PA are you? I'm in East Texas now but I was born & raised in West Chester (Chester Co.) I have a cousin with CFS/FM in Swarthmore (Delaware Co) who could sure use an understanding friend!

  10. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    Well, the nap was good. Too bad magic elves didn't clean my place when I was asleep.

    Jodie: I know you are trying to help, but it's not deplorable filth (yet) and I am proactive about my health. I have severe respiratory reactions to any strong smells. Bleach would probably send me to the emergency room. I think we have very different types of illnesses. I can't lift my arms above my shoulders and I have severe pain in both my hands. My back locks up after standing more than 5 minutes. No medication helps it. My friends are around, but they are not around tomorrow. They work. I don't expect them to use a vacation day to help me clean. My husband works very hard and puts in extra hours. He does what he can, but he is exhausted from his job. I can't expect him to come home and scrub the tub. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Kelly: THANK YOU! You story about being called at work! God! It is so good to read that someone knows exactly what I'm talking about.

    JoAnn: I'm in Reading, PA. Thank you for your advice. Now, I just have to get started. I hope I feel better tomorrow. If I don't, not much will be done and I will have to hide in a closet when they come.

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    b oth shoulders have had surgery, carpal tunnel,fms,cfs, bulging discs's all in my blood disease problems.....

    i am not trying to be mean at all i want you to know that....first off...

    i first off wouldn't expect my friends to come over and help either...they have toddlers or is my job...i have always been very independant had ex hb was in the i had to mow the lawn everything plus work full-tine.worked w/borken shoulder then...

    my neighbor who had two little kids came over and asked if i could help clean her house..i said yes even though my shoulder was broken....felt like crap..anyways...i will never do a cleaning site unseen...even if i am ever better...

    i have thoracic syndrome, periformas syndrome...arthritis/bone spurs in my big toe area...a 16 year old...he helps some...but he is busy w/school and sports all year long...

    but sometimes we need to have some help...and if your hb could help out that would be great...

    and i understand about the bleach stuff...i have to open up the windows for the ventalion...but i have heard that vinegar works just as well....

    found that out on this maybe we both should try it....i swell up in my arms and hands from the bleach spray stuff....but i have and my son both have allergies to molds among other things.....

    athsma as well for both of us...and the mold is not healthy for us...

    maybe you may need some changes in medications to help w/pain and stinks the trial by error thing...

    it has been many years for me but i had to go into the dr's in april dr told me i needed to try helps w/sleep, pain, and muscles...

    boy do i feel it when i run out it and i feel like my body is in scolding hot water burned all over...

    but i was just trying to give you some suggestions that may help for you...i had a husband and when he was around he worked fulltime plus more hours than the typical civilian...he would still help out and do what he could when he was home..and help cook once a week or more...he tried...and this was before i got the formal dx...

    dr's are waiting for more advancement in surgery for my neck and i have to deal w/pain on a daily basis...tendoniits in my right elbow they will not do anymore cortisone in i have to just!

    so we do have the same things going on...i plus i was attacked w/shingles....on my sciatica last i get nice flares from fun...very painful...

    maybe try the vinegar i know some people have posted in the past about natural things to clean w/for the chemical sensitive people....

    i wish you some extra strength to get ready for you inspection on tuesday...just do a little at a time...take breaks if needed////

    be good to yourself...i only thought maybe you would have a understanding hb that could maybe help this once....

    and seriously i have a friend that works for our local county and she is a lvn...she goes to peoples homes that are disabled and helps pass out medications..and she will clean bathrooms and kitchen and help with their laundry...she keeps telling me i could get help to...because i have a son that is minor and he is not expected to do certain things....but i am stubborn and think i can do it all....someday won't be able to...and since yu have won your ssdi/or ssi that works in your get some extra help....

    i had a neighbor who had back surgery and they sent someon out to his 1 bedroom apt to help w/cleaning...

    and i have recently moved
    and we have a few disabled people that get help as well..

    so maybe you could get a little help each week to keep up and help you feel better and hopefully recouperate..until they have cures for us all here..
    and congratulations again and that was a nice post you did for others who are needing to go through the process...

    i know one lady posted about something that cleans your shower and how it works...i know it is around 20.00 at target...and i forgot who makes it but she said it worked great...but i do not know if bleach is in it......

    i got to go my hands hurt badly ..

    hugs to you

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  12. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    Yes, we sure have lots going on.

    My husband will be scrubbing the tub, shower and toilet. He will be doing all the vacumming and trash removal.

    I get so mad at this illness!

    I really need to look into getting some kind of cleaning service once a month.

    It's a lot easier to take care of after it's cleaned.
  13. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    Yes, the CLUTTER!

    We have almost no storage in this apartment. A small linen closet, a small pantry closet, a tiny coat closet and a small closet in the bedroom (the size of a coat closet).

    I can't even HIDE the stuff, LOL.

    Well, it is what it is. Other than barricading the door they are coming in.

    I'm just going to have to make sure I'm not here. I was here the last time, IN BED, because my back went out. Now THAT was fun.

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  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i think sometimes we woman do alot more than we should, even when we are healthy...but when you hurt, can't sleep or walk...what the heck are we to do....

    but to save yourself some money call the county social services in your area and tell them you disabled and approved for ssdi/ssi....and you health limitations...

    my friend told me i would qualify...but like i said i am stubborn...and there are days i have been laid up in bed from depression and or pain...yuck!

    but she told me some how the county figures out how much help you need and they will let you interview your helper...and they do a livescan for fingerprinting...back ground checks.

    i feel alittle uncomfortable of having people i dont know very well in my home...but atleast you can possibly have this option...

    i have friend that has chronic fatigue like you and she told me how she felt years back...she didn't know how she did what she did...then had to go off work...sad story///

    anyways now she is 60 yrs. old and filed for ssdi...this year so hopefully she will get approved...she has alot going on beside the cfs...

    well here's to you i am giving you some superpower cryptonite and you still have some time before tuesday....

    everything will be will work out..



  15. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    I suffer like you.I too cannot raise my hands over my head,I lock up walking,somedays can't even hold the weight on the cleaners or they drop out of my hand.I use glass cleaner to clean the counters in the bathroom.It's frustrating when it's not a matter of making yourself doit.It's making your body move.My back locks up also.I have3 bad discs.I have to yell for my husband or son so I can stand up again.Good luck,Linda
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  16. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    I would call the city hall to find out what there supposed to be checking.

    I really do not believe they have a right to comment on how you who pay the rent keeps your apartment.

    They are there to make sure the heating system is OK and the plumbing and if the electrical is good .Plus if landlord supplies the appliances that there in good working condition.Plus the fire escapes are in working.

    Please check with your city hall.

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    call to complain about black the landlords must fix the problem....

    but i do think the city to come and inspect for shower and toilet is a bit much....

    sorry you have to go thru this....

  18. ChristineInPA

    ChristineInPA New Member

    for your compassion, understanding, and suggestions.

    I checked with the city and unfortunately the cleanliness is also under scrutiny.

    I got up extra early and spent 15 minutes decluttering the kitchen and now am taking a rest.

    I'm selling a bunch of stuff on ebay, so my kitchen is full of storage containers, boxes, etc. My kitchen is gigantic, so that's where things really pile up.

    I resigned myself to the fact that it is what it is. I can't expect to do more than my body will allow.

    God, I miss my old life. I think that's the most upsetting of all.
  19. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    numbro uno do itty bits at a time - 5 mins here 10 mins there and you wont burn out.

    and secondly have a shit cupboard - i open it up and in it all goes :D

    oh and before i go get that stereo on!!!
  20. iteach

    iteach New Member

    Hi Christine,
    I know what you mean. My sister-in-law decided to come over yesterday evening and she is a clean freak. I was hurting so bad, I told my husband to deal with it, I was going to bed.

    We are all junk collectors in this family so my house will never be very neat, but this is what I do. I lay in my recliner in front of the TV--really helps to relax and take mind off pain--and everytime a commercial comes on, I get up and clean for that amount of time. I figured I could surely clean for 3-5 minutes at a time. Then back to the recliner. Don't think about the whole apartment or you will get so depressed nothing gets done. Break up the cleaning into small pieces.

    I hope this helps and I'll be praying for you!

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