help?? my child cant swallow!!recently was told he has lymes:((

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    I'm in desperate need of some sound medical advice! (fast) My 7yr. old son has had a problem once a year for the last 4 normaly stays with him for 2-3 mths and then just goes away.he feels like hes chocking he tells me the food is going down the wrong tube and he panics just as if he was chocking.the 1st time this happend he even got sores in his mouth he was rushed to childrens were they say that he had a real bad viral infection that they havent seen anything like it.the 2nd time it happend a year latter they claimed it was behavior and wanted to put him in a eating clinic.they had did a ct scan on his the only thing that come back was he had a sm.sist on his brain they also put a scope down his throat and that come back normal along with a cookie study were they put dye in diffrent texture food that also come back i said the issue just goes away when it happens he cant swallow saliva,beverages,or food.hes always a really good eater he has a better appetite then me and his teenage brother hes not a pickey eater at all.last year we skipped this issue but this year hes gotten sick again he is having several symptoms fevers rashes sternum pain etc that comes and goes and extreme nausea i took him to the doctor several times they did blood work chest xrays ultra sound it come back that hes positive for lymes hes been on a anti biotic a nausea meds but the symptoms are still therefor 4 weeks now.the other day he started having issues with his tounge were he says it rolls back he feels like its gonna fall off and hes producing alot of saliva plus hes back to not being able to swallow.i took him back to the doctor they did the test over again plus a upper there saying his glands around his appendix are a little enlarged his tyrod is a little higher and his spleen is a little enlarged but wouldnt be causing these issues.i'm very worried for him and im tired of hearing its behavior when i no my child is normally not like this we need some advice plz its effecting so much.please someone
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    I'm so sorry for what your child is going through.

    Your child needs a Lyme literate MD (LLMD) ASAP!

    To find one please do this:

    Go to on flash discussion...sign up for on "Seeking a Doctor" on "post new topic" and create a post asking for "Pediatric LLMD names". Put that in the title of your post so that people know you need Pediatric names and not adult LLMD's.

    There is often a waiting list, so do not delay and call as soon as possible to make an appt with one.

    Also, go to's "Medical Questions" board where you can post your medical questions and read posts. You can use the "search" to search for specific words or topics too.

    There are a lot of very helpful people there, including parents who have children with lyme. They might be very helpful to you.

    Please read: