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    I have recently started attending a local church with my neighbors. When I started attending I had no idea about it's history. I just saw a very small congregation in a fair size building in need of repair.

    I knew that they had just gotten a new pastor. The first couple of times I could feel and see that the holy spirit was definatly in the pastor. I could also see it in some members. But I knew something wasn't right. I just couldn't FEEL the Holy Spirit.

    This Sunday while Pastor was preaching about forgivness and holding grudges he just broke down sobbing and couldn't go on. He asked anyone that was willing to come to the altar and pray for the Holy Spirit to return to His church.
    After service alot of the congregation took Pastor to the altar and prayed for him. We so need him to not give up on this church.

    From what I have heard I guess at one time this was a large thriving, spirit filled church. A while back they got a pastor that litterally destroyed the church. Most of the congregation left. At one point they thought they would have to sell the church and disband. But a handful of people stuck it out and are hoping this church can be revitalized.

    The problem is that whatever the former pastor did it must have been really bad because even the people that stayed just can't seem to let it go. There is a lot of mistrust, and hurt. So much that it is keeping the Holy Spirit from claiming His rightful place in our church.

    Please pray for God to send his angels to lift this black cloud of mistrust and hurt from his church. Lift it so He has a clear path to return to His church.