Help my friends...I need to buy a bed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmq, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I currently sleep in the valley on the left side of our king size bed. We have rotated it, flipped it, cuzzed at it, In defense of this mattress, we have had it for over 10 years old. '

    I have scoliosis and fibromyalgia. My poor hubby has arthritis in his hips and needs support for his neck. I probababy need advice on some good pillows too.

    if you have any suggetions, please let me know why you like your mattress and how expensive it may have been, and were you bought it. If you give me the name of the store or product, I will find them.

    Thank you so much!!! I just cant bare to be holding on to the ledge of the bed so I do not roll off! LOL

    Sleepless in Pembroke Pines,
  2. kennysmauhmee

    kennysmauhmee New Member

    Hi.. I have a double pillow top mattress... It was handed down to me by my brother. It hadn't been used much, just didn't work for him and his wife. It did well for me the last couple of years until recently when my pain became so much worse and that's not the bed's fault - nothing works. I'm thinking about getting some memory foam to go on the top of the mattress. I don't know if that will work because I have to move so much.

    I wonder if anyone has tried the sleep number bed?
  3. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    i loved the sleep number bed when i stayed at the raddisson once for 2 weeks. i made it extra firm and slept like a baby.

    i would consider buying one but some of the customer reviews i read online bother me.

    as for pillows, i would like to try the memory foam ones but cant afford them at the moment...
  4. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    I too am in your situation and need to find a new mattress, but its hard to tell if one is right for you by lying in it at a store for a few minutes. I think one without springs would be the best choice, it seems to me that no matter what is on top eventually the springs can be felt. I've used a 2" memory foam topper and that does help a little, but mine is three years old and now has my "shape" molded into it. I'll be watching your post too and see what suggestions you get;I too have heard the temperpedic mattress are hot, and the sleep number beds aren't that great either. I don't have the $, but it should be an investment and of course you get what you pay for!
    Sorry I don't have more info to offer. PS I'm checking out a site called the and it looks informative!
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  5. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    definately go to the website I gave you in my earlier post; I've been reading on there and they have a wealth of information and scams to avoid. Some sites I'm leery of but they aren't dealers and they state right on the site that they do get a referral fee from dealers they recommend in order to get the site out, but also state that you can go right to dealer's websites and they get nothing. It's quite informative, I've only been on here for 15 minutes and have learned quite a bit!
  6. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    since 1992! Both my hubbie and I love it. In fact we'll be getting another one in a few years.We have one of the originals,I believe that there are a lot more features now in terms of mattress toppers Ie: to keep the bed cool,etc. They are pretty pricey,but a good investment. Also I sleep on a Tony Little pillow. The best one I've tried yet. I got through HSN.It may be availabe elsewhere. I have cervical issues as well.I like it so well I take it with me when I travel! Good luck!~~Jeanne
  7. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I have an old-fashioned mattress too. I tried a memory foam mattress at a store and laid on it awhile and whenever I tried to move, roll over etc... it was so much work! If I thought that much constant exercise would be good for me I'd buy one. lol There is no way... It was like quicksand for me. I'd really never be able to get out of bed.
  8. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I have a pillow top with the separate springs (not the kind that are all interlocking with each other)'s pretty firm, but bc the springs are separate, they tend to conform pretty well to my body, and with the pillow top, it still feels soft.....I got it about 2 yrs ago from Back to Bed when they were having a sale, for about $500, as an early Christmas/b-day gift from my parents

    I find it to be about the best I've tried, but nothing is perfect these days....I always sleep with regular pillows on either side of me and at my ankles so that I can use them as support, too

    and as to the pillow under my head, I use a water pillow and LOVE IT.....I had a really hard time finding a pillow I could use bc of the CFS and FM pain, but also bc of TMJ and neck problems related to having had whiplash....there used to be a very soft memory foam pillow that worked pretty well, but they stopped making it and all the ones I have found more recently are hard as rocks

    the water pillow is awesome, though, and you can totally adjust how soft/firm/thick/thin it is based on how much water you put in......I got mine from my p's also, but I believe they run around $35 or so (much less than most memory foam)
  9. zeowa

    zeowa New Member

    I purchased one of these just prior to getting ill and I'm grateful every single day that I did! I don't think I was too familiar with them before moving to the northwest; they're popular because they don't mold and such. It's quite firm and I have an additional memory-foam topper on it as well because I like to sleep on my stomach at times. I can't recall who makes the mattress, but it was about $1300 w/ the box spring--not just any foam mattress.

    Glad to see the pillow talk--I've had neck and upper back problems for years and haven't really given pillows much thought. It is time to correct that!

    For a sleep study I got to use a sleepnumber and I thought it was great. In fact, if I had one, I'd live in it!
  10. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I posted to you about this on the chit chat board about the memory foam mattress. Please read that. Good luck JMQ
  11. Shananegans

    Shananegans New Member

    Can't help with beds, mine is a hand me down and it sucks. I would rather sleep on the couch! hahaha. But pillows. I went to stay at a friends house about a year back and they had these pillows that were amazing. They are from Sleep Innovations? I had never heard of them but they were some hefty memory foam pillows that were very nice to sleep on.

  12. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I can always count on all of you for some advice. :)

    This was a great thread! Now I have to go and test some beds out! I love the info on pillows too.

    When I find one, I will let you know what kind and how it is....

  13. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    Hi, jmq.

    I can't tell you which bed is best for you, because that is so individual, but I can tell you from my experience some do's and don't's. About 3 years ago, before I was diagnosed with FM, we bought a new mattress, and ended up going thru 6 mattresses before I was able to find one I could sleep on. Yes, you read that right. 6 mattresses.

    The first mistake I made was buying hastily. I had never had problems with a bed before and didn't know to expect it.

    The second mistake I made was letting them take my old bed away. If there is ANY way possible, keep your old mattress in a spare room, in a storage area, heck, even leaned against the wall, just in case your new one doesn't work out. If you let them take it away, and the new one stinks, you have nothing to go back to. Believe me, I had much grief over this decision, and that's what caused us to go through so many other mattresses.

    Third, do NOT buy from anyone who will not give you a trial period. 30 days minimum!!! If they tell you, when you buy it, it's yours, tell them "Thank you" and walk out.

    Fourth, expect a "break in" period, even if it's a good mattress. Breaking in a new mattress is hard, especially for us with FM. I guess that's why the bed that ended up working out for us was a "gently used" mattress from a friend of my dh's and his wife. They had already done the "breaking in" for us.

    We tried the Sleep Number bed and both hated it. We tried a very expensive Latex foam bed and hated it. We tried a top-of-the-line Simmons Beautyrest pillowtop and hated it. I honestly can't remember some in between. Never purchased a Temperpedic, but hated how they felt in the store.

    The one we have which I LOVE now is a Serta Perfect Sleeper with a very THIN pillow top. It is not firm at all but very comforming. I love it, and I pray it lasts the rest of my life.

    Good luck.

    Edited to Add: Don't let the pesky sales people pressure you!! As if lying on a bed in public were not awkward enough, they want to hover over you and talk to you the whole time and rush you into making a decision. DON'T LET THEM!!! Tell them you'd like to take your time and to leave you alone. LOL.[This Message was Edited on 07/29/2009]
  14. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    I have the temperpedic....temporpedic....tempurpedic....whatever! we have the mid priced cost...ah...? 2500...3000....We bought it from the local Slumberland. They gave me a great deal. When the saleman heard that I was mostly bedbound, he really encouraged me to get the Temp. rather than the cheaper mattress we were looking at....he said most of his customers were happy with their Temp. bed but other types of mattresses were returned...

    The great deal was that he gave us 3 yrs to pay off the bed and 0% interest the entire time! So it was very affordable....

    We also got two free Temp. pillows with the purchase of the bed.....

    We had 30 days to change our minds...if we didn't like the bed, they would come to our house and take it back....

    I have terrible problems with sweating and this bed DOESN'T BOTHER doesn't make me hotter at all.....

    My only regret is that we didn't get the model that has the built in thing that raises and lowers the head and foot of the was $1000 more.....I wish we would have gotten that one...

    I read on the internet that those sleep number beds have terrible customer reviews...look it up on THE GOOGLE! see what people had to say about those beds....

    When our old bed was shot,before we finally took the plunge to buy a new bed, we put 2-3 eggcrate pads on our bed and a feather helped with the valley you speak of....nowdays, there are Temp. type pads you can buy for your bed, that are cheaper than the brand name...if you buy the real Temp. pads, they are pretty $200 or $300

    i am glad that we got the new bed...i wish we would have done it sooner....the payments were about $50 monthly for 3 years....i can't say exactly because we bought another bed at the same time for our daughter....

    Good luck, Sleepless in Pembroke Pines....don't wait! get a new bed! :O)
  15. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    In search of a bed----you could try calling the social service agencies and or thrift stores in your area and see if they have a Social Services worker--might also be a Social Worker or Assistant or a Service Coordinator that may have a connection to find you a used bed.

    When I was a Service Coordinator for a private non-profit agency I kept a notebook of people needing beds & household appliances and we would get calls from people in the private sector wanting to donate them to us--and I would try to link them up with people who needed things like that.

    In my area there is a St Vincent de Paul that has a social service office and sometimes they have the funding to get you a used bed that has been donated to their store.

    Who knows maybe this will work for you, but maybe not--at least it is some ideas. Maybe Craig's list is an option.
  16. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    We have a Sleep Number as well. I never sleep well at night no matter where I am so I can't blame the bed. But I'll tell you if I lay on it for a nap - oh my, I am OUT and comfortably!

    We slept on THE most comfortable bed in a hotel. I remember looking at the tag (ya think I remember what it was!) I have a friend who did the same. The Marriott's I think have wonderful beds.. Comfort Select series? I'll have to look. We couldn't get out of them.

    I could always call the hotel we stayed at and find out what beds they use. I'm not kidding, they were like sleeping on a cloud.
  17. Spinetti

    Spinetti New Member

    It keeps my head and neck elevated off the mattress. It took a while to get used to but really helped relieve morning neck pain and stiffness.

    My mattress is low-density, high-resilience memory foam made by BASF. Rolling over is sometimes a hassle, but it's very comfy once I sink in. It has no chemical smell which is important to me.

    I use a goose-down pad which helps the heat build-up problem.

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