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    i can barely make it up to go to the bathroom. seems like all i can do is just lay down and sleep or not move. ive had these problems for 5 years and it just keeps getitng worse and worse and im only really getting nervous because i cant do anything anymore and people think that im just lazy because i havent enrolled to colelge or gotten a job because of this ive also missed good job oppurtunities liek a commercial job for doing the music for a gm commercial but i lost it cuz i couldnt make it to the meetign cuz i was in so much pain...ive given up on doctors because it seems that unless they see an open gash in your head they dont know what to do but blame it on yourself or give you a diagnosis but tell you they dont know how to treat it. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT!!! i would appreciate if any has had the same problem and can help me fix this cuz im really really to the point where i cant function
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    Hi there,

    I really feel for you because a few years ago, I was in EXACTLY the same position. I have only recently found this website and message board and there are SO many lovely people here - all of whom understand the terrible time that you are going through - I wish I'd found it sooner.

    I am now 26 (and although I'm going through a bad patch just now, I have made a lot of progress over the years). There IS hope, never give up.

    When I was 18, I had had to give up school two years earlier, cause I could barely move never mind study. I thought that there was no hope for me ever getting a job or going to college, or even finishing school. I won't pretend that life just suuddenly got better, it took a long time and happened so slowly as to be barely noticeable.

    Since then, I did manage to get back to school and also onto university where I did a degree in Psychology, which I never thought would be possible. I'm unwell again right now, but have to function at a basic level because my mum is also ill and I look after her.

    I wish I could give you hints and tips or a magic cure for getting well, but for me it just took time and many of the alternative therapies may have played a part too. If you read this board though, there are lots of interesting theories and many suggestions for improving your health.

    I sympathise about the lack of understanding from doctors, I think most people have faced that, BUT there are good ones out there. I'm not sure where you are from (I'm in Scotland), but I'm sure if you posted a query about finding a good doctor in your area, that many of the people on the board would be able to point you in the right direction. Then hopefully you could get an accurate diagnosis and some help for your condition.

    Good luck with it all and remember no matter how lonely it gets, you are NEVER alone, there are heaps of us out there that are going through it with you.

    Best Wishes,
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    I know this does not help much but we do know and understand. I started this journey at 29 and am now 45.

    I know it is so hard to ignore what doubters have to say but try. It is so bad on your health. We DO NOT doubt you. We know you are going through all of this and it is real and not in your head. (I wish it was in my head, a better chance of fixing it)

    You must find a Dr. that believes you and will treat you. Check out the good Dr. list on this site and see if someone is in your area.

    Some people do get better, some people do improve some. Don't give up hope.

    You are in my prayers.
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    I just can't stop thinking about you because I do know what you are going through.
    For now, try a multi vitamin. (this site sells a good one called FMS/CF multi vitamin) Try to get out in the sunshine for at least 20 minutes a day. (it doesn't have to be all at once) Drink lots of water .
    If possible, try to do a little walking or stretching.
    I know this isn't much but it's something until you can find a Dr. who will listen to you.
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    because most people dont understand it even though they think they do....and no right now im not on any meds but i used to be on pain meds gone through a few of them like vicodin and ketrolac even vioxx and it didnt really help. i also tried prozac and paxil for some time because they kept going back and forth from saying it is in my head to me having FM actually ive been diagnosed like 3 times its a joke. the doctors are basically baffled though on what to do because they say theres nothing i can do except try to excercise but its so hard when i can barely move cuz i have trouble just walking around i get very dizzy and hard to concentrate like its like i become clumsy if im standing too long so annoying... but thanx princessraye :) ill try that stuff i mean cuz i really have to move around even though it s hard :( but anyways ill keep trying things and see what happens
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    My best suggestion to you is to go to a major medical center. I live in WV; so I go to Columbus, but also Cleveland is good. I think you might get some help there. It is hard to find a doctor; I went through several before I found mine in Columbus. I searched on the internet site for the AMA website and looked for Rheumatologists with a emphasis for fibromyalgia. This site will also help find someone. Good Luck!
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    I recently ordered some of the Pro Energy which includes malic acid and magnesium glycinate. It was recommended to me some months ago but I could not afford to try until recently. I can only tell you that I could barely get out of my bed for the past 2 and 1/2 years but since trying this among other supplements I believe it is the one helping me at least the past few days. I have actually been able to totter around and accomplish a couple of things, went to friends for dinner last evening and went grocery shopping with help today.

    That is more than I've done overall for the past 30 months!!!!!!!

    So if you're able to navigate around you will find fair prices and supplements which are put together with "us" in mind.

    I know this sounds like so little but in my case it is SO much. I appreciate everyone who visits this site. You have all helped me so immensely.

    Pam, Spanaway, WA, USA