help!!!!!!!!! my skin burns,my bones ache,dying from depression

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    i come on here ever so often,but i drop out for awhile,then when life is more than i can almost bare i come back on,for some feedback,i`d appreciate any thing you all could help me with. i`m not new to fibro,i`ve had it 5 years for sure.maybe a few more that i had before i was diagnosed,in 2000. i`m just having a REAL bad time now,my symptoms are worse than they been in awhile;i don`t wnt to have to go on more painkilllers or switch back to oxycontin which was a great painkiller but i was a zombie,i think i was on too much so now i`m on percocet10/325 2 every 4 hours.

    also does anybody that are already on antidepressant-effexor is mine, are you still depressed like i am? well i was beginning to start feeling better when a few months ago my son was sentenced to 15 years in prison;as if thats not bad enough. now don`t laugh because i know everybody has heard this from inmates: my son really is NOT GUILTY. i want go into it,we`ve appealed it,and he has to serve a year or more until his appeal comes up.

    well i know you`re going to say that stress from that is whats happening. but to be truthful,i was kind of like this before that happened. for seveal weeks i`ll have medium days, sometimes i`ve even went in to a sort of remission where i feel almost like my old self. those are few and far between;but oh how good it feels to have those days,sparse as they are.

    well i just had to vent but if anyone of you can empathize with me,or been through the same thing,tell me what ;if anything helps? ps. my depression is so bad i stay in the bed most of the time;also the real bad days like today.i`d say i spend 18 out of 24 hours in bed,at least while my husband and son is away. i try to stay up a few hours at night with them but like right now i`m heading for bed,so my burning back can touch the cool sheets.
    thanks,and i also need all your Prayers1!!!!!!!

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    No wonder you're depressed and in pain, dear friend. You're carrying a heavy, heavy load. What a wonderful mom you are to be there to support your son through this frightening journey. Bless you for it.

    Now, on to YOU! It sounds like you may need some adjustments in your med treatment. Something that's really helped me is to write down a journal for a few days or weeks, and bring it to my doctor.

    In my journal, I write the date, the level of the pain (on a scale of one to 10), the type of pain (aching, throbbing, burning, stabbing etc.), the location of the pain (all-over and in certain spots)

    Then I write what meds I took, and what helped (if anything). I also write "other" for things like feeling really depressed, poor sleep, wet/damp weather, unusual stress or high activity, etc.

    From what you've said, you need more pain relief and possibly an adjustment on your anti-depressent (I take antis, too)

    I know it's REALLY hard to get moving, but can you try to get outdoors for a couple of hours each day? Even if you are just sitting reading, working a craft or crossword, the fresh air will help. Short walks are next. See if you can make it to the park and watch the kids play, or the neighbourhood dogs (dogs always make me smile and laugh!)

    Please make an appt. to see your doctor. You deserve to feel better! Wishing you well, nature
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    You sure have been through a lot. Your son is lucky to have you so try and do what you can to feel better. He still needs you.

    I like what the last poster wrote. I would like to add that it would help to see some type of a counselor. Someone to talk to and tell all. They are not judgemental and they understand.

    You need to vent to someone that is not a friend or relative.

    Do you know that screaming is so relaxing? You can feel the stress and tightness pour right off of you. Problem is that most people do not have a place to do this. Police would be there in a heart beat thinking something was wrong. LOL.

    Self help books are good. Try and get to a library.
    Take a sandwich and a piece of fruit and go to a park picnic table or bench. Relax, breath in the fresh air and observe the great out doors. Wonderful for you.
    Even going out on the steps with your lunch and relaxing would be a first step.

    Do that for a while and then try for something more, go further.

    Good luck and many Blessings to you and your son.....
    Gentle Hugs...
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    I am so sorry to hear how bad you are feeling, and that tragedy about your son. Yes, I can believe he is innocent, it happens all too often these days.

    I watch CourtTV, and see a lot of people sent to jail for crimes, that to me they did not truly prove beyond a doubt that they did. Others are just plain innocent, but some of those people on that show is a major cause of many people being sent to jail with all their self imposed judgements. I would assume this goes on in many court rooms too.

    I will keep you son in my prayers. I hate injustice with a passion.

    As for yourself, you need to get with your doctor, some of your meds may be the cause of some of your illness strange as that may seem.

    I am allergic to meds, so I have been battling FM for over twenty years without prescribed meds, when I did take them I was way worst than I am now without them.

    Mainly its the magnesium, the vitmin B's, and drinking water has worked so well for me, that its almost impossible to believe, including myself its so simple.

    IP's, a dentist is responsible for your dentures if they do not fit properly. You need to kick up a fuss and make then fix them untill they fit properly so that you can eat.

    That is awful to try and eat without being able to chew. Its very unhealthy for you, and they need to get their act together to see that they fit you right. That, also makes me angry.

    Threathen to report them to the dental association, that will make that dentist get them right no matter how long it takes.

    Both you ladies take care of yourselves. Will pray for both of you, and surely your son NJE. I won't forget him, I have two sons and a grandson. I love all my boys, and have a big soft spot for them all.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. Bambi

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    so badly. It sounds like you may have been allergic or on too high a dose of the OxiContin. It works well for me with a breakthrough med and I never feel tired or drugged. We are all so different but there are several things to try.

    My son is in a state 3,000 miles away and he rarely even emails me. I know next to nothing about his life and am always afraid he'll end up dead and I won't even know it. It's terrible to have your child out of your reach!! For any reason.

    I agree that many people who are found guilty of things are innocent. One judge from Florida retired in the last few years. He said that while on the bench he sent several people to death row and felt he was always right. Now he has had time to think and has seen so many proven innocent and says he now feels he HAD to have made some mistakes. It torments him.

    I know depression and lonliness. I've gone through it more than once in my life and it's a daily battle to avoid it. It's not like you can just pull up your boot straps and get over it, but the advice here is good. If you can at all, force yourself to go out
    for a walk or to the mall to walk around and look in windows. If you have a friend call them and talk or ask them over. I hope you have a pet
    for company, they do help so much! Try to make yourself go where people are or hunt a support group or start

    Above all take care, and some studies have shown that "some" extra sleep is actually good for depression, just don't let it go to excess. Get yourself a good vitamin and take a helps me at least. Come and write on the board. And if you can at all volunteer; maybe at a rest
    home helping old sick people. It's amazing how much better we feel if we help someone else..and often it shows us that others have it just as bad or
    worse than we do. Take care!
    Hugs! Bambi
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    for all who answered my post,may God bless you,your answers were truly helpful.

    but i forgot to tell you that i do get out when i`m not feeling that bad,and i most always try to go somewhere with my family on the weekend. i think i stay mostly in bed through the week while he`s at work,to rest,because i feel tired all the time and that bed feels so good.

    as for pets i have 4;i can go out for a few minutes on my better days and pet them;2 dauchands which i keep on my built in front porch. i keep a fan on them in the summer,because an ac would freeze those cold natured dogs,but its too hot for me out there right now,95 degree weather we having,i believe being out in that hot of weather can cause flares,because i went out saturday evening with him to eat and go to wallyworld.thats the last time i been out.sunday morning i woke up aching and burning.
    well thanks again,i`m going to try to post more it seems to help plus answering post that i may can help someone else with.bye hugs (((((to all))))) nje ps i forgot i also have 2 big dogs i keep outside,a doberman,and a huskey.i try to get out some to pet them,they so glad to see me,they jump up and knock me down. they are actually satisfied if they get a kind word and a few pats,all 4 of them. i will be able to get out more with them when that hot weather gets a lot husband and son feed them but they don`t get no petting much from them.but i know how my dogs feel,because i don`t get no pats,sympathy or jack from my family. well you all have heard enough of me. thanks again nje
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