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  1. sues1

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    I first was told I had Fibro and maybe 9 mos. later that I now had CFIDS also. I've had such for 17-18 yrs. now.

    For many years I had far to many nights of not sleeping. Would get up every couple of hrs. or some nights could not sleep due to weather and all that made me hurt to much to be able to get to sleep.

    I did not take anything for either as I had adverse reactions to about all meds or others did not help. It was hard to live with no med help, but I did not have a choice.
    I found a new Rheumy and I now take Cylmata (spelling?) and a sleeping aid. Sleeping aid does not put me to sleep but usually I sleep hard since started on them, once I get to sleep. No after effects when I awake either.

    3 or 4 weeks ago I slept 16 yrs. straight! It sometimes is 10 to 12 hrs. That I do not question.......but 16 hours? But nothing else seemed to be going on other that the same old usual stuff.

    Now from Friday (last) to today I slept at least 32 to 34 hrs. !!!!!!!!!!!!I would be up for an hr. here and there and had to lay down and go back to sleep! I slept from 2005 to 2006! I could not of kept awake if someone had a gun to my head. I am not sure how much I is all fuzzy to me. I did not take my meds during that time either!

    I did feel that I had a slight fever, not a high one, and I was achy and sore throat, etc. But I did not have the flu, after all these years I know the difference. I still have sore throats and achy body and all just with CFIDS/FIBRO. I also had diarrhea during this sleep binge, or I might not of been up the times I was.

    Can anyone tell me why or is anyone else here had this experience? Sure the opposite of not having enough sleep and when I did it was not quality sleep. HELP.....
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    the first is, the shortest day of the year was just Dec. 21, the winter solstice. I have a very hard time w/ oversleeping as this approaches due to lack of sunlight and SAD. So this could be one often overlooked factor for so many who find that winter makes them worse, even if they don't have obvious and severe depression symptoms. Mild forms of SAD manefest as extra fatigue, need for more sleep. Light therapy can offset this very well, it is for me this year.

    the other, would be your more typical bad reaction to meds. Maybe this new one is backfiring on you. We sometimes have a delayed reaction to worse side effects.

  3. sues1

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    Someone I know has put lights for this SAD in her recessed lighting. She gets depressed in the winter. This year, since putting in the new lights, it has not been so hard on her. But she is also on new meds, so hard to know if it is one or ther other or both that is helping her right now.

    I am more upbeat in the summer for sure. THANKS
  4. sues1

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    I also sleep 20-22 hours a day for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. That is usually followed by periods of insomnia and then it repeats. I also have periods of sleeping for 4-5 hours then up for 2-3 hours and then back to bed. I had a sleep study a couple of years ago, their dx was excessive daytime sleepiness - duh! I can handle the sleeping better than insomnia, so I'm finally going to ask my Dr for a sleeping aid. So at least you know you're not alone. I've had cfs for 5 yrs and have had sleeping problems all along (summer included), but they have gotten worse.
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    I thought I had narcolepsy but it turned out to be alpha intrusion into delta sleep. I was given Xyrem and have had no problems since. I don't fall asleep during the day anymore and I feel more rested.


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