help! need a gynecologist immediately!!!!

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  1. sheelanagigs

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    i'm in the bay area of california. my nurse practitioner retired a year ago and i am having some pretty severe gyne problems and need to see someone soon. don't have the energy to "interview"

    please send me names of anyone in the oakland/san francisco/berkeley and then the greater bay area who tends to CFS/ME/FM menopausal womyn

  2. Takesha

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    I do not live in that part of the country, so I am afraid I am of no help. However, Have you tried clicking on the link at the top of the board that says "Dr's referrals and then on the co-cure link of good doctors? Maybe this will help some. If you tried and didn't see anyone, then at least my post will "bump" you up to the top of the board again and someone else may be able to help you. I am sorry you are feeling so badly.
  3. tandy

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    but coming from someone who's had her fair share of gyno emergencys.....I'd say go to your local ER.
    In my state of NY-one needs a FM/CF DR. and a gynocologist~ Best of luck...and I would'nt wait if its severe~ Take care :)
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  4. Aeryn

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    I don't know if you would be willing to do this for political reasons (not everyone supports their efforts), but I find that I get fantastic care at Planned Parenthood when I have been without a regular OBGYN. They can almost always take you quickly in an emergency. They are very pro-woman and treat you well.

    They usually have names of doctors they trust as well.

    Good luck