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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dm0905, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Has anyone had a problem with their boss. I have FM. I am working full time. I went out for full knee replacement on 12/14/07, took 1 week of sick leave, 7 days of my vacation and came back to work n 1/3/08 - worked from home for about 2 weeks them came back into work. My boss has now given me a low performance due to when I returned to work earlier than I should have to help out the company, I was not up to my full potential for about a month so he is using this as low performance although he stated I have been much better since then. Can I do anything. I am so stressed by this. Is it right? Please comment or help. Thanks
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    Is there an ombudsman who can help you? It sounds like they are covering their tracks. Can you insist on a rebuttal letter to be put in the file stating that you came back too early to help the company. That way, someone looking at the file can read your response.

    Also, can you ask him to restate or write a letter that you are doing better now. He is just saying that to make you happy but does you no good unless it is written and kept in your file.

    They need you so they are verbally stating that you are doing better in order to keep you. They need to back it up with a letter in your file.

  3. dm0905

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    Thanks for your response
  4. dm0905

    dm0905 New Member

    Thanks for your response
  5. dm0905

    dm0905 New Member

    Yes, I have to go through 3 managers then I can file no that which is my plan. Thanks for your response.

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