Help need good attorney and medical help no money. s/s denied again!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sociallee, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Sociallee

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    I have had FM for 18+ yrs but have never been approved for s/s yet. I have not gone to the Dr. for many years and have just been informed that s/s will deny if i have not been under Drs. care. my money has been depleted and no money coming in. I don't know how to get new medical review and get meds so s/s see's that I can't work any more. also need info on GOOD ATTORNEYS!! ??? that can win my case. I have been surviving trying to keep going all these years but more and more issues keep adding up! please help me with any info you can give me! thanks :)
  2. Dainty45

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    I know a lot of people with your issues, so you are not alone. You will have to go to the doctor, before you apply for SS again. If you have a department of Human Resources in your area, you can get medical assistance and food stamps. They will also help you with heating costs.

    I am not sure about your living situation, but they base everything on your income, and if you don't have income you need a letter proving that. Allsup is a fantastic place to find a lawyer, just look it up on line, and you can get there number. They do everything over the phone, or by mail, they are very wise. They also need to contact your doctor and get proper documentation to verify your condition, and need for SS.

    Please look into these options for your own piece of mind.
    Good Luck and keep me posted. Sue
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    Welcome to the board. There are several boards at this site. See the
    drop down menu in the upper left corner. You may want to post your
    message on the Disability/Benefits board.

    You need an attorney to handle your Soc Sec claim. It is my understanding
    you need not pay in advance. The attorney fee will be paid from the benefits
    obtained. No recovery; no fee.

    You can get advice regarding the selection of an attorney on the Benefits
    board. You can also contact your state bar association or look in the
    yellow pages. You want an attorney who specializes in this field. Not someone
    who claims to handle all kinds of cases.

    The Soc. Sec. Office turns down almost all claims. Almost everybody has
    to appeal in order to get benefits. The process often takes a year or two.

    As for your immediate needs, get a note book and start contacting city,
    state and Federal agencies to see what assistance programs you are
    eligible for. Also check w/ local churches, community assistance office,
    food banks. etc. Keep notes of date, time and name of person you talked

    A lotta work, especially for those of us who are illish and have low energy.
    Maybe some friend or relative can help you. Best of luck.


    PS: If you want to take a break now and then, visit the chit chat board
    to socialize and discuss topics like kids, pets, music, cooking, etc.

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