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    Brand new to message board. Diagnosed officially 11-08. Dealt with many symptoms for years before that, starting at about 21. I just turned 31. I've been to several chiropractors. On my 3rd primary care physician in 3 yrs. Rheumatologist told me I "stumped" him and that he had never successfully treated FM nor did he believe he would before the end of his career. He said we could try new meds just for the sake of trying, but did not believe they'd be effective. Lupus and arthritis were ruled out and he again confirmed FM.
    Currently take 120mg Cymbalta/day to help "treat" although it helps a little, but not much. OTC pain meds do not work. Try to do as much as possible: fish oil, vitamin packets, apple cider vinegar, losing weight, yoga, exercise when not in pain, snake oil on skin, holistic patches, heat, ice, massages, massage chair, low carb, no carb, hot tubs, swimming, etc.
    Been having what I call a bad flare up for the last few days and at my wits end! Local Neurologist doesn't want FM patients. I also recently cut down to 4 days a week at work because of the terrible fatigue! Also deal with severe allergies, migraine managment,and anxiety.
    Im in the Springfield MO area. Im willing to drive for treatment! I really want a good doctor who understands this and can help!!!! Please. I am open to all suggestions!
    Thank you!!!
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    ProHealth does provide a list of doctors at

    Also, you can go to the Fibromyalgia Board here and they have a doctors post and you can go there and look through them and see what you can find.

    I don't have Fibro, but from with every ailment, don't give up. Keep searching for a doctor who can be of the most help to you and fully understands Fibro. Good luck.