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  1. huska

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    Hi.The other day you were very helpfull to me regarding my sleepping problems and looking at the meds I was taking ( lamotta77)to sleep and for depression. Today I would need help, if you can, for meds for the pain. I'm in so much pain today!!! I?ve been taking ( and I remind you I only know Portuguese names) Adalgur N and the Dr. also told me to take tramadol, but tramadol makes me very sick the next day. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, don't work at all and plus I have a problem that I can't take anything that could hurt my stomach. My mother died with stomach cancer and before she did some genetic tests. The result was that she had a gen hereditary ( pardon my spelling) that attacks stomach and intestines. Of course I was worried about my 2 daughters specially because I already lost a son with neuroblastoma. Non related, of course...I made the blood test for the "helicobacterypilori bacteria " and it was negative, but even so I need to protect my stomach concerning medication.
    Plus do you think magnesium, Calcium D and maybe some B12 shots would help?
    Thank you for your attention to this. I couldn't go to sleep before asking you this and see if I have some reply.

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    I was reading your post, Lamotta is probably best to advise about the Tramadol, I believe it is in the antidepressant class of meds, cant remember. You may want to talk to your doctor about other meds if the Tramadol is making you ill. Amitryptaline (USA Chemical name) is a an antideprasant that many people with FM have found helpful at low dosages at night to help with level 4 sleep and pain.

    Sounds like a wise choice not to use the aspirin, Ibuprofen especially with your family history. Have you talked to your physician about other pain meds at low dosages especially for break thru pain.

    Regarding the supplements, I have been using magnesium, calcium with Vitamin D for years. I have found them very helpful. I currently take 500-700mg of magnesium a day. However if you have not taken any do not start at this dose or you most likely will end up with intestinal problems and diahrrea. Start at a much lower dose say 250 and build up slowly over several weeks. I also take 1200mg of calcium with 400mg of vitamin D, you need the vitamin D in order for your body to absorb the calcium, they really have to go together. I take them at night before bed, it has a relaxing effect on the muscles of your body. I take a high complex B vitamin in the morning this helps me with nerve and enrgy, again I have been doing this for years so start off slow. I hope this helped a bit, let us know how you make out and what your doctor thinks about pain meds..

    In wellness,

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    Thanks for your reply.
    A friend of mine in US told em to talk my dr. about tramadol. He said it was very good for the pain but the side effects could be bad.And they were, so I only took it one. Drs. here are not very concerned, i think, about Fibromyalgia, that's why I started to do my research in US websites. They are not giving me any more options for the pain, maybe because of my stomach??? i don't really know. They say the best one for me right now is ADALGUR N but it's not working all the time and this past 2 days have been terrible.
    I'm just sad that knowone in my family or friends, besides the ones I have in US, and the woman that makes me the massage was even interested in reading anything about fibro. So, how can they know how I feel and how dificult for me it's to make some of the things during the day that before it was very easy??? that makes me sad.
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    You should be in bed too. You are one hour ahead of me right????
    I already took magnesium,calcium and b12 some time ago. I needed those things. Maybe it's time to start again. I read an article in this website where a Dr,I can't remember his name, says he precribes magnesium and calcium to all of his fibro patients.I'm more worried about the pain killers than the suplements. Those I can handle.

    Thanks sweetie for your interest.

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    Here is a bump up to the first page. I tried to look up what is in your med and it seems to contain paracetamol (acetaminophen) which is also called tylenol, and tiocolquicosido, which I had a hard time finding but I think it is reglan which is a heart burn medication.

    Since you are in a lot of pain, that would probably not do a whole lot for you!

    Could you ask your Dr. if you could take a muscle relaxer? That might work better. A lot of people with FMS benefit from muscle relaxers. Or possibly one of the narcotic meds, if you think your Dr. would be willing to prescribe them.

    I hope you can find something that works for you! Maybe you could take some information in for your Dr. about useful medications for FMS. There are a lot of sites on the internet about this.

    Nice to meet you and hopefully Lamotta will see this and respond. Since he is a pharmacist, he would probably be able to help you the most.

    Take care, Sally
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  6. huska

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    Sally, Thanks for your reply. I just came from my Dr. I'm going to do some blood tests to check calcium and magnesium and she prescrive me another pain killer with paracetamol and codein. I tried Tramadol, Ultram in US, and I got very sick with that one, so I'm going to try this one that has instead of tramadol, codein. Plus I take diazepam as a muscle relaxer. I hope the new medication will help a bit. I have to much pain in my all body !!!!As she said it's dificult to control pain in fibro but we can always try a new thing. I'm going to massage tomorrow to see if it helps. Usually it does.

  7. huska

    huska New Member

    Hi again. I want to thank you AGAIN for your reply. I went to the Dr. and I'm going to do some blood tests to check specially calcium and magnesium. About the sleeping test, she doesn't think I need to do that. About the pain she prescrive another medication but it doesn't work very well ( paracetamol+ codein). The weather is affecting me a lot so I'm not very good. I guess I just have to wait tomorrow I feel better.


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