HELP...need info on morphine pump

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    I have some good days and some bad days. Today needs a whole new classification for miserable!! I just can't stand being in pain anymore. On my last visit my doc had mentioned the possibility of having a morphine pump implanted in my body. PLEASE, if any of you have had this done, I need your feedback, whether good or bad. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Love and blessings
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    I dont have any experience with this device,I have been researching it for my chronic back pain, I have found a great website in which you can get alot of good info.
    Using the google search engine, type in Medtronic, and it will take you to this site with the info. Hope this is helpful. But I would also be interested as well, if anyone here has any personal experience with this device.

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    My sister and stepfather both have implants. My sister had aquired an infection with the first implant...had to have it removed and IV antibiotics, After some recovery time, they reimplanted another and did sciactic (sp) nerve damage... She was allergic to the morphine and now has fentanyl (sp) in it. It has been a nightmare for her.....

    Now my stepfather has one with minimal results (some relief but not pain free)...but had no complications with the implant surgery. But his pain is from a fractured spine.

    If you have any specific questions about them I'll try to help.....DJ
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    I'm going to do the google search for Medtronic and see what they have to say. Even though I'm in virtually constant pain, I am hesitant to have any other procedures done. The negative responses are what caught my eye...not because I'm a pessimist, but because I'm one of those people who if something bad can happen from a procedure or med, I seem to be the one it happens to, LOL. Can't tell you how many times I've gone to a doc and heard: "Hmm, we rarely see this sort of thing..."

    Right now I'm working with my primary (who is wonderful) to get up to a dose of Neurotonin that is therapeutic. So far, it lets me sleep most of the night, with a very slight lessening of daytime pain. But I'll take the full night of sleep. It's been years since I've enjoyed that.

    If anyone else has info on the pump, I'm still interested.
    Thanks all. I'm so glad I found this board. What a God-send all of you have been.

    Love and blessings