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    A few months ago I started taking therapudic yoga from a local chiropractor. She knew that I am on a low fixed income, and offered me a reduced price that would be paid for by Medicare. After a couple of lessons she informed me that the rules had changed and she ws not allowded to bill Medicare for any services that were done outside her main ofice (Her yoga therapy was done at her studio).

    Of course I was very disappointed at having to stop. I was thinking about this, and it ocurred to me that perhaps I was morally bound to pay her for the two classes. She hasn't sent me a bill though. Part of me still says that I should pay little by little. What do you thnk? I could really use some input. Paying would be a real hardship, and I only took the therapy because insurance was supposed to pay. There is no one around here that I ca talk this over with.

    I am using this boad because I think this is a spiritual thing. Thanks in advance or any ideas. Terry

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    Hi Terry,

    Let me share an experience I had just today.

    I ordered some deli trays from the store When I went to pick them up one of my trays was not ready as promised. As a result, they gave me a large tray rather than a small one (which is what I had ordered) as their way of saying thank you for the business, and sorry for the inconvenience they may have caused me in waiting while they figured it out.

    When I got up to the check out the price for the two trays was way underpriced by about $25.00. I told the check out girl it was not enough and she said she didn't care and Merry Christmas! When I got home I called the deli and told them they undercharged me and I intended to make it up next time in. They said it's ok, not to do so, and again wished me a Merry Christmas.

    I know that what I did most people would not have done. They would have run like a bandit. Even my husband was amazed. But I answer to a higher authority and the Holy Spirit that dwells within me will not allow me to do such things.

    If your spirit is prompting you to do something, do it. I believe in your situation you need to talk with the gal and let her know you understand what happened. That you feel you need to pay her and it may be a little at a time. Even if it's $5.00 per week or month it shows your good intentions. You don't know her financial situation either and she in good faith rendered her services.

    You may be surprised and she may say forget about it as they did to me today. But you can stand before the Lord knowing you did the right thing. And, as you signed off of your post, your light will shine to her!!

    Merry Christmas and I hope you find a way to get to a Yoga Class if you feel it was helpful for you.

    Love in Christ,
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    I do believe Marcia said it all!

    Take care, and God bless..........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Amen. May the lord Bless you both.

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    You do it,I do it too and people see you do it and they do it and this is a better place for it.we are fair and a christain you teacher someone that not every one steals and this is a better place. again good person,maybe soon your husband or the lady you call on the phone.make it a hobby.