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    My story is lengthy, please bare with me.

    I am a 20 yr old male from winnipeg, canada. All my problems started about 14 months ago on Jan. 4, 2002.

    Jan 3, 2002/ 10pm- I am sitting watching TV when suddenly I start sneezing like crazy! This lasted a few minutes (powerful sneezing). I think that i must be coming down with the flu so i wash up and go to bed about an hour later.

    Jan. 4, 2002/ 10am- I wake up and feel FINE!! "Must of been just a 24hour bug or allergic reaction or something like that", I think to myself.

    Jan.4, 2002/ 10pm- Again i am sitting, watching TV when all of a sudden... BAM!!! Violent sneezing spasm. I think to myself " nothing to worry about. It will probably just go away in the morning". Exhausted and dazed from the episode of sneezing, I have some neocitran and go to sleep.

    Jan. 5, 2002/ 10am- I get up for work and man do I feel CRAPPY! I mean hardcore exhaustion, brain fog/ dazed feeling. I think, " this time i must be coming down with the flu, nothing to worry about though". So all day i "zombie" around work, Really dazed and exhausted. By 5pm I feel a soar throat, tingling/ runny nose, raised tempaerature developing. I call my gf, clock out from work a bit early, have a couple shots of JD when i get home, and hit the sack. Next morning when i wake up i have a full blown flu.

    Bottom line is after about 2 weeks i got rid of all my symptoms except exhaustion, brain fog/ daze, poor concentration.

    14 months later i'm still in the same boat.
    I have been to hordes of doctors and have had hordes of tests done but nothing seems to show anything except for an EEG scan that showed slight brain slowing( i was told even healthy people have this and not to worry ) and i have some allergies to tree pollens and house dust. All docs have come to the conclusion i either have post- viral fatigue or chronic fatigue( each doc has different terminology).
    I have even tried the route of herbologist for a few months but experienced no improvement.

    My Dad, for some reason, is certain that i am allergic to my cat, even though i have had the cat for seven years prior to my illness, my allergy test showed no allergy to cats at all, and i don't sneeze, have watery eyes, scratchy throat, or any typical symptoms associated with an allergy except for fatigue. Is cat scratch disease a possibility? Could the allergy tests have been wrong?
    I even went to live at my mothers for a week in the summer due to the allergy "theory" and her house is as clean or cleaner than a hospital. I'm not saying my house is dirty or even close to it but she goes the extra mile for cleanliness.

    I would also like to mention that 6 months prior to my chronic fatigue onset, in the summer, i did have pneumonia for about 2 weeks, which was treated successfuly with erythromycin.

    As you can see, compared to most people with cfs, i have much fewer symptoms(exhaustion, brain fog, poor concentration). Though i do have few symptoms, they are still extremly dibilitating and do not allow me to attend school, work, or participate in any physical activity.

    Being sick is hard enough. What tops off my frustration is all the factors that I consider that could have made me or are making me sick.
    I am asking for anyone to PLEASE post any insight, comments, ideas on anything that you have read in this post. I am almost positive that due to the onset i experienced and the few symptoms that i have, something has been overlooked despite the numerous tests and doctors i have seen. I believe there must be a cure or treatment in my case due to these factors. I am asking for YOUR help.

    Thank you for reading my post!


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    but it sounds to me like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Have the doctors checked you for cat scratch fever? Everyone is a little different on their presenting symptoms with CFS(at least that is my oppinion, so don't shoot me, lol)It sounds to me like you have been through the ringer on tests. (me too) If I were you, I would read everything that i can on CFS and if there are any tests that you haven't had then I would bring them up to my doctors. As of yet there isn't a cure for CFS and I know that sucks, but we just have to hang in there until they come up with one. Good luck.
  3. T-BO

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    I have not been checked for cat scratch fever. Something to look into though!
    I also agree that everyones symptoms are different when it comes to CFS.

    I have read anything and everything about CFS ever since I have gotten sick.

    Docs say that I have had every test done, within reason, for my symptoms.

    Thanks for postin’ and keep em’ comin’ guys!

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    Hi T-Bo~~So glad you joined us. Though your symptoms are like CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), they could also mimic other yet undiagnosed illnesses.

    You said all the doctors you have seen have said you have some type of post-viral fatigue or chronic fatigue, but the common denominator is "fatigue". Have you had the Epstein Virus test done? I don't know what all kinds of tests you've had done, but apparently these tests are not coming up with a conclusive diagnosis.

    Have you researched Chronic Fatigue Syndrome {CFS} or Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS)? Just go to the top of the first post page and type it in the Search box. It will bring up all the posts on CFS, CFIDS. Or just do a regular net search, and see what you find. Perhaps Web.MD might be of some help. Have you been tested for Mono?

    I realize I'm not helping you much here, but though I have FM and CFS--I am no physician and in no position to make a diagnosis. All I can say is that your symptoms are classic to CFS, CFIDS....especially the fact that you are so exhausted that you cannot go to school, work, or participate in any physical activity. From having CFS myself, I know how devastating, frustrating, and depressing that is to your life. And my CFS came on much like you have described your symptoms.

    I know for some, CFS can last for months or years and then vanish as quickly as it came. For others, it can last a lifetime. As yet, there are no medical answers for this mystery.

    Have you been to an endocrinologist, internest, or someone who specializes in immune disorders?

    We have a physician's assistant on this Board by the name of MadWolf who might be able to offer some suggestions.

    I truly hope you can find a definite diagnosis for your condition that can lead to helping you resolve it. I know how debilitating it all feels, and my heart goes out to you. Blessings to You, Carol...

  5. T-BO

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    Thank you for your reply to my post. Just the fact that
    people post replies is helpful enough for me.
    To answer your questions: Yes I have done extensive research
    of CFS/ FM/ ME since I have been struck with this illness. Also I have been
    tested for mono and every test with in reason that relates to fatigue. I have been
    to an internist (internal medicine doc) although I have not been to an
    In the case of being tested for EBV, I apparently “missed my chance” because
    my GP did not think of doing any type of blood cultures at the time of the onset.
    Not to “rag” on docs but my GP is one of those “primary depression” type docs although
    I have a host of specialists that acknowledge and support my case, especially my immunologist (from UK).

    I greatly appreciate your post!


    PS. This sight is great!!!
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    It just kills me to hear this from someone as young as you are.
    I have Fibro that was triggered by a car wreck when I was 32. I am not sure if I believe that these (fibro and CFS) are the same thing or not-most docs are not sure, but, I do know that which ever name they call it by, the symptoms do increase with time, which COULD explain why you don't have as many as others.

    I really hope you do not have it at all, but there is more info about it now than when I was triggered 7 1/2 yrs ago, or maybe I just didn't know where to look, as I didn't have a name for it until I was bed-ridden.

    Like you, all my tests were
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    It's Willow again, I do not know what is going on with my puter, it keeps logging me off, and it
  8. willow

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    I will try finishing my reply to you tomorrow!
    I think my puter has fibro-fog and can't remember my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love and Prayers, Lisa
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    I am allergic to mold, tree pollen but my tests did not show it. I insisted that the allergist give me allergy shots anyway. This was about 15 years ago. I recieved the shots and my fatique and sick feeling did get better. Allergies can make you soooooooo tired!!!! Try taking sudafed every day for a week and if you feel better it could be allergies.
    Good luck,
  10. Shirl

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    Hi T-BO, welcome to the board. I agree with those who think you are allergic to 'something'!

    Do you use AfterShave, cologne, or did you change your soap, soap powder, hair spray (some men do use the stuff!), anything that you could have done differently since you started with the symptoms?

    It could be one of a gillion things. Actually it could be something that you have used for a long time, and it could just be getting to you now.

    New furniture for an example, we bought a new recliner, and I was sick with some of your symptoms for weeks.

    I have FM, not CFS, but I am very allergic to many things. A super clean house (like your Mom's) with all the chemical cleaners would all but kill me. I am allergic to chemicals in general.

    Sure hope you find out what is causing your problems soon, and I do hope its not CFS, but an allergy.

    Again, welcome to the board, please keep us updated on how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi T-Bo,
    If they don't find anything then we all pretty much know the answer! I would say welcome to the wonderful world of the unknown. I have had test after test after test over the last 20 years and they never find anything! I feel like I am dying so often that sometimes I wish I would. Sometimes there just isn't an answer and we just have to do the best with what we have. I sincerely hope that is not the case with you but if it is just know that it CAN be lived with. Just NEVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND DEMANDING GOOD TREATMENT. Best of luck to you.

  12. T-BO

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    Thanks a lot for the comments and input people.

    WILLOW- Don’t sweat it. I’ve been booted off by my comp.
    a few times when posting but I just go back and edit or delete
    my mistakes when I get back on the server. I look forward
    to hearing your input in the future.

    MEMORY LANE- Great info on the topic of CSD *applause *.
    By reading your in depth article, I can almost guarantee that my
    Illness is not related to a cat scratch or bite.
    Also, I can defiantly relate to your love of cats although if by
    some chance my cat was contributing to my illness, I would find
    something to counter-act the problem or send the cat to my moms.

    JUDY WHIT/ SHIRL- I am surprised that you agree with the
    allergy theory. I am definitely going to take this into consideration
    I am definitely thinking of trying the route of Sudafed for a week.
    I will wait till I finish my hydrocortisone meds before I try this

    To answer Shirl’s question about different hygiene products…….
    I don’t believe I used any new products prior to illness onset
    And I can tell you that for a good portion of time during my
    illness I have not used any aftershave, hair products,
    colognes( no one to impress). I only wear deodorant when
    my friends come over or sometimes when I go into public
    ( I’m not that smelly believe it or not ).
    As for soap’s/ shampoo’s I have changed them up a few times
    But maybe I should read the ingredients before I try new stuff
    (brand name not necessarily different ingredients).

    TEEWAH - I am sorry to hear that you feel so down. I can see how 20 years of illness could put you in this frame of mind. I have contemplated the fact of being sick for years and it definitely scares me but I believe that due to minimal symptoms and youth on my side plus a positive attitude(most of the time) I can conquer this mysterious dibiltating illness.

    Once again I thank everyone for their comments and views!

    Thanx and God Bless!!!!


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  13. paula45

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    Hi and welcome. I really don't have much to add to what's already been said. I have had CSD and it really doesn't sound like it. Also, the doc that first diagnosed me said that it predominately comes from kittens less than 6 mos old, so that would rule out you cat (probably). Obviously, I don't know everything. This is just my experience. The article has me wondering now if it's connected to my full blown FM. Mine did get bad. I ended up having surgery because one of the swollen lymph nodes became HUGE and necrotic and had to be surgically removed. That was awful. Take good care and I really hope you find the answers you need.
  14. T-BO

    T-BO New Member

    Thank you for replying to my post.
    PAULA45- I agree that it is unlikely that I have CSD.
    Also I am sorry to hear that you have severe FM. I consider
    Myself to have milder CFS and know how devastating my
    Situation feels at times.

    JKERBEN- I am glad to hear that you have had success with
    your neurologist. I have gone to see 2 neuros myself. Both said
    I have post-viral fatigue and I will be fine in 1 to 2 years. We’ll see!
    Also, you noted that many sufferers with this illness have chemical
    sensitivities. I do not fall into this category, which once again questions
    the probability of CFS. No matter what I eat or what type of meds I take,
    there are no side effects or sensitivities(allergic to soy products though). I am aware though, that everybody
    is different when it comes to this illness.

    If my current medication does not improve my situation, I am going to
    Toronto to see a CFS specialist (Dr. Jain).

    Thanx again for the posts my friends!!!!


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  15. gardengrow

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    It sure sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have it also and a high percentage of people with it say they first had the flu and never got better. As time goes on you may develop more symptoms or you may not. Keep reading up on it. An excellent book is Running on Empty (2nd revised edition)that lists all the symptoms and loads of other info. Everyone with CFS has fatigue and most have headaches but some also get sensory overload, numbness in face,aching joints, fevers and other things. Hope this helps.