Help needed for finding right rheumatologist and pain clinic in Western PA

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    I am 34 and have been diagnosed since I was 23. I started showing symptoms at 17 when I was pregnant with my son but the Dr' s passed it off as my son sitting on my sciatic nerve. At 21 they assumed the same thing when was pregnant with my daughter. At 22 I had to get a partial hysterectomy due to PCOD. That's when my symptoms started to really be apparent. A year later they diagnosed me with fibro, DJD and O-arthritis. At that time I already had 6 of my 7 kids (two biologic and 4 adopted). I was a single mother working 80 hours a week and thought I had no possibility to slow down. I took the meds they gave me, got cortisone shots and learned relaxation techniques. This allowed me to continue working for another ten yrs. During that time my "bad" days usually occured when it would rain a lot or was really cold. Then last Labor Day weekend my kids and I thought I was just having a couple of bad days due to the heavy rain and recently adopting a newborn. 48 hours later I was in CCU for a week. At first specialists could not figure out why I had sudden numbness and weakness in my lower extremities and extreme pain in my hips and lumbar region. I have used a walker in the house and wheelchair outdoors ever since. I have not been able to work since that weekend because even when I feel good enough to sit in a chair all day the fibro fog is still severe enough that I can't concentrate on anything. Now my older children have to help me raise my younger children because recently when I did try to push myself physically, like the pain clinic told me to, I got bursitis in my right hip, knee and calf. I applied for disability but my lawyer said I will probably need to appeal several times before approval due to my age, doctors and college degrees. The doctors have figured out it is the fibromyalgia, O-arthritis and DJD, but that only makes it harder for people and Dr's to understand how severe the pain, weakness and numbness is. My current rheumatologist does not believe in disability for fibromyalgia and won't even list how many bad days a month I have or how much I have to lay down each day. This makes my pain clinic not want to give me pain pills stonger than neutron and my lawyer says it is part of the reason I am getting denied disability. I live an hour north of Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania. Please help me find a better Dr and pain clinic.
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    check out - it's a website for integrative medicine doctors who generally are more knowledgeable about fibro etc. than most regular docs. There is a search feature at the top of the page under "health resources" where you can find IM doctors in your area.

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    Here is a list of chiropractor in Pennsylvania. I hope it would be helpful.
    1. Barnard Mark Dr
    1422 easton road
    abington, PA 19001

    2. Dr. Rick Goldfine, DC
    Advanced Family Chiropractic
    270 lancaster ave. #c1
    malvern, PA 19355

    3. Volgraf Chiropractic Centre
    185 swamp road
    newtown, PA 18940