Help Needed in finding a good pain doctor in Utah

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 23, 2004.

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    My fingers are worn to the bone from typing in that question about Pain Doctors in the state of Utah. I don't get any informatation like what they treat, chronic pain , back pain all of the above and I know nothing about them and have no recomendatations for the doctors at the cuiversity of Utah The only thing I found out is that one doctor 's method of treating back pain is facet injections and that is all. I am allergic to many of the steriods that are used in that treatment.
    please bump tp the first page. I would ask you if you know of any one who livein is utah and knows a doctor here it would be so great for me, And thank you so mouch and May god blees you with health and stregnth this comming year

    The reason I am looking for another pain docotr is my husband is having fits over the bill and the amount that his insurance will pay them as they ( My doctor is not a ppo) so they don't pay very well. the bill for the visit every month to get my perscriptions filled and me checked out has risen to $ 100.00 a month and the insurance will only pay $56.00 and ooour co-pay says $40.00 amd then down at the bottom fo the page it staites that the empolyee owes $44.00 but the ccco-pay is $40.00 .

    My husband flipped a gasket about it and hates paying that much for a doctor that does not do "that much for me" HE has not offered my Phyical therapy .We don't have any one who does PT for chronic pain and back pain therapy/ So hubby thinks that he does nothing to help me just gives me drugs and that is it. I have been told that I could do the deep end water arobics but the water is so cool that it makes me hurt before even doing the exercises.

    I do exercise's on my own and I get so upset that I don't improve instantly and I don't. Like the christmas shopping I wanted to do but after waaaalking for about an hour and a half I was in so much apin thatI was in tears and felt like I was walking on broken glass.

    So I thought I would do a search to find a doctor with in this part of the state I am in. That leaves the unervisity of Utah but I know nothing about the doctors there and can't get the info that I need to change doctors like are they a ppo to the hubby's strange insurance. This insurance is an inhouse kind and is not the best And when I had my card to the doctors staff they have NEVER HEARD OF THEM. So I need to know what the co-[ay would bee.

    What the fee would be for the first visit. And then I would have to figuure out the gas that it would cost to drive t here and he the husband has forgotten that I don't have a car that runs and my 77 year old mother does not want to drive me to Salt lake City about 100 miles away in the winter and going thru the canyon that is really bad.

    So I am confused about this changing doctors becuase you don't liek the fee and that the copay that is set by his insruance ( My HUsband;'s insurance ) so there is not much I can do aboaut it. Most doctors will charge upward of $120.00-180.00 and it is due that day even insurance. So it gets really spendy here.

    So if anyone hears of a doctor that treats chronic pain degenerative disc diease, spinal stenosis, two buldging discs, arthitis in both knees and arithitis in ly left wrist. And so faar doing the PT that I have learned I still need pain meds becaseu it gets really cold in Utah. and I am on MScontin 100mg x4 MSIR 30x6 soma 350 x4, xanax x2 valium x1 visateril 25 mg x3. I have been on these meds for over a year and I don't want to have to go thru having a new doctor tell me that I am depressed and give me meds that make me bit#$% and do not work like they say. Iam allergic to steriods and injections, they only make that pain worse.

    So I need to find a doctor that will prescribe the same meds I am on and not be pushy about the facet injections or the meds I take and trying to put me on antidepressants I am one of the peo;e that if there is a strange ususal reaction to have I will have it and it will be bad. So I just need my meds left alone. Maybe I could get the doctor to write a letter and a perscription for massage once a week to loosen the tight muscels that would be helpful in more ways then one . It would help me slepp better to.
    Well I am not going to worry about it til after the holidays and I have recovered from them.
    So have a Merry Christmas and ahhappy new year with less pain May god bless all who are in need of his help. I want to thank you for being there for me , when I want to vent of whine and write novels about them. I thank you for the wonderfull friendships that I have made here . I have truely been blessed to have all of you as friends. Merry Christmas and Happy new year
    Love you all,
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    Please if anyone knows or can tell me what to do to find a good pain doctor in Utah. The rumey here does not believe in fibro ,cfs or anything like that it is all in your heads I have been told. GP's won't help yes they will dx but they will not give you any pain meds that really will help you. I even me the non narcotic ones, So I am at a lose as to who I can see that could be on the hubbies ins. Rosemarie
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    Where in Utah are you located? I have a GREAT doctor in Twin Falls, Idaho. It's about a 160 mile trip each way from northeast Nevada, but well worth it in my opinion. We make a day of it and do a lot of shopping and stop in Jackpot for a great dinner on the way home. On Wednesdays the buffet is 2 for 1, so it's really quite reasonable.

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    And Layton is not that far away, or so my girls tell me as they are for ever shopping at the Layton Hills Mall. I also have a daughter that is in ogden and sister in law in Roy.So it is not that far away. So tell me more about this doctor and where is he or what is his name so that I can check it out and find out if they take my husbands insurance or not. Any help will do . Thanks for the help Rosemarie
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    Have you tried Dr Lucinda Bateman. She has her practice in downtown SLC.
    There is also a pain clinic in SLC and a Dr Matsumara works there. I've heard good things about him.

    There is Dr Randle in the ortho. clinic in St Marks Hospital who uses
    injections and physical therapy.

    Sorry I don't have phone numbers or addresses.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck to you.

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