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  1. LouiseK

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    Those of you who have filed for SSDI, did you submit any sort of statement yourself? I have read everything from "don't say anything, they will use it against you" to "make it easy for them to understand the severity of your condition(s) with a narrative description."

    I have lawyers who refuse to give me any advice at all and just say "great" to whatever I ask. They are not helping me; they are really agents of the disability company. It's a nightmare.

    I need to decide about this right away as my forms have been filed and SS has already contacted me. Once it leaves their office who knows when I'll ever even be able to find out who has my file if I want to put something in it. Something else the lawyers never told me.

    Any advice about what you did would be so appreciated.

    I cannot wait to get this filing behind me; the emotional strain is terrible and I feel for anyone who has been through this.

    Thanks for your advice.
  2. LouiseK

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    Your post made me cry. Your example was right out of my own life and you have obviously been there to even put it that way. While it is immeasurably comforting to hear other voices with these same inexplicable problems it makes me unutterably sad to imagine anyone else going through this. Yes, not knowing how to get from the car to the office. Not leaving work because I have no way to get back to the car. Don't forget getting dinner from the vending machines on the way to the parking lot or just go without food.

    I did that for two years. Now that it's behind me I do not think I could ever do it again.

    That said, your advice sounds very excellent and I will take it. To answer you, these people are MY lawyers if you will but the disability insurance company foisted them on me as they do all that company's work. I think the lawyers just considered me a losing proposition and did nothing -- as long as they get some percentage of the cases through the insurance company is happy. I sometimes actually think they want this to fail . . .

    Anyway, thank you for your excellent suggestions.
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    Based on what happened with my brother, in addition to what you say, its also very important what your own doctor has documented.

    I was shocked when my brother applied for SSDI last September and was approved in October, (retroactive to September).

    I kept telling him he might need a attorney, but apparently his doctor made very good notes and it helped.

    Just FYI I would get a complete copy of your doctors file on you - the one who will report to SSDI on your condition.

    If the notes are shoddy and don't really document your condition, it might also cause a problem. Hopefully this is not the case.

    Once my brother applied, everything seemed to move fast. At the end they wanted him to see their psychiatrist, then called and said "never mind, you are approved".

    My brother has a problem with his cervical spine - (stenosis). The only meds he takes is 2 Darvocette a day and occasionally 1 Xanax for anxiety - so he is not bedridden or anything.

    Why are you using attorneys who are not helpful? I would change immediately to someone who is more dynamic. Better to change now before they ruin your case. If your instincts tell you they are a bad, you are probably right.

    (we are also in California)
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  4. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    Yes, I am reviewing the records and trying to get a "report" type of thing from the doctor -- you are right about all that.

    Yes, I am stuck with these lawyers as they are who the disability insurance company want me to use.

    For what did you brother get diability, if I may ask? It sounds like it was quite easy. I am expecting years of trouble so I would love to hear a great success story.
  5. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    Cervical spine stenosis? I have that. Many, many people have that. That is it? I'm going to add it to my list; I didn't even put it on there as I figured it was so common.

    What else? Why a psychiatrist for the neck thing? Or just to see if he is crazy and "thinks" he has a neck problem. Ha ha.
  6. mezombie

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    It can only help and not hurt for you to write a personal statement about how your illness has affected your ability to function. Write not just about your inability to work, but household chores and such that you are no longer able to do. Explain how you aren't reliable and how doing some things when you are able makes you sicker (post-exertional malaise).

    It also helps if you can include statements/letters from people who knew you before you got sick and have seen what kind of impact your illness has had on you.

    I'm going to bump my post of the Social Security Administration's official policy ruling on CFS. You'll see that these types of statements are definitely considered!

    Good luck!
  7. Debra49659

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    Wow...noenergy1, could you write my personal! I thought what a great idea to put my experiences to paper. Grrrr.....what a chore though, I started it but I have a feeling that it will take me quite some time to complete. The personal statement is great to have regardless if you are filing for disability, it would help your doctors understand how this illness affects your daily life.

  8. Engel

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    So all your brother has wrong is his spine? (I am not trying to lessen his condition in any way). Is it maybe his age? Or maybe someone was in a good mood at SS? That is the fastest I have ever seen on here.
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    I am applying with Allsup representing me and they told me I could include a letter of my own detailing my condition. I also printed out the cfs report mentioned above and a fibromyalgia worksheet that asks direct questions about your limits. I am also sending in my own functional capacity form to them, I must have a stack of 50 papers to copy and send in this week. Still need to tweak the letter. I paid 90 dollars for a 10 year medical file and the threee most recent bloodwork papers were'nt even in there. Allsup said to send any kind of test results I have.( I have those as I started asking for copies) I have also gone to about 10 dr. appts this past 2 months to get caught up and tell the docs I am applying. It is not easy. I am terrified. But I am almost done with reams of paperwork and I look bad on paper I just pray it works. Good luck! Plus I just got an mri from my 2nd opinion rheumy who turned out to be never available so I took the reports of l spine and hip to regular rheumy and he dx me with disc disease and arthitis causing my new thigh pain, I heard with a fibro dx any thing else you can put down helps!
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  10. LouiseK

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    It seems we are on the same path right now. Thanks for the good information and best wishes to you for smooth sailing. This is hard stuff.
  11. LouiseK

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    you inspire me and guide me and boy do i need that right now. just nearly finished the doctor's report - i have to write it for her or never get it done but that's a can of worms too so i fret over the language, etc. but it'scoming along. next i will write a little narrative of my own,using all your suggestions.

    if i didn't desperately need the money i would give all this a PASS. I went through two years of hell at work after getting sick and the day i went out on disability this stuff started up with the disability company and now the SS. Oy, I need a break from all this negativity. I'm trying to heal, people! I wish I could get permission to work on that in between ten million forms and the gathering of piles of inaccurately transcribed medical notes.

    Keep heart I say to all in the middle of this. There must be an end to it all on the horizon. You know, a day when we don't have to feel like hypochondriac, sociopaths and can simply enjoy the pleasures of being horribly ill and in terrible pain which appears to have no end. ha ha.

    Sorry for the cynicism. But there it is. Tomorrow I promise something jolly! Seriously, though, thanks to all for the really constructive and helpful suggestions.
  12. mezombie

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    Is this what you were looking for?
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  13. PVLady

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    Yes, I was shocked he was approved so fast. It makes me think his condition is very serious. He is not bedridden but I fear the condition is progressive.

    I think he has stenosis of the cervical spine. He gets weakness in both arms and sometimes drops things.

    His occupation was "truck driver" so he could no longer do that work. Also, his doctor made excellent notes and really supported him getting his disability.

    I really believe sometimes the doctors cause a problem by not making good notes, or really supporting you.

    I recently read on the website "disability secrets" that is a huge problem.

    I still thing he was very lucky based on what I read here. He is age 59. I don't know if it had any relevance but they also made him provide his military records. He was Vietnam Vet. I've never heard that meant anything but who knows...

    I also don't know why they asked for a psychiatric eval. - I know once after he had a cortisone injection in the spine he had a psychotic reaction - felt suicidal. I had him see a psychologist who said that happens sometimes. He did not need further treatment.

    I hope your case goes fast... you never know.
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