Help! New and just been told I have FMS

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Ladybug53, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Ladybug53

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    Hi all, I am 50yrs old and have been suffering for the past 3 yrs w/hips and legs hurting. I have off and on problems with my Rt shoulder. Dr told me yesterday he feels that I have FMS. I can barely walk any distance without my legs and hips feeling exhausted. I can't sleep at night for my hips hurting and sleeping on my sides is not possible anymore. I have tender spots all up and down the sides of my legs and bottoms of my feet are now getting sore. The only test I have had are x-rays. I know that there are any test that will really tell me that I for sure have FMS. I take mobic 7.5 mg a day, Dr said I could double it if needed and starting PT this coming week. Can any of you share with me what you have found that works for you? I am so ill with my dear husband at times, I feel sorry for him. I don't know anyone with this, so any help or suggestions I would greatly appreciate.
  2. tackett

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    I wish there was a quick cure answer to give you, but, I was dx'd with fm a few years ago, and since then I have been put through alot of tests to rule out anything else. Have not found nothing to work for pain, even tried Vicodin!The only thing that keeps me going is to know that I will have a good day soon( I hope) I feel that you really have to rest. I had a good day and thought I could get some neglected things done. I did, and paid for it! I have been in severe pain now for 5 days! I know that it is hard to stay off your feet, but, it does help me. It dosn't make the pain go away, just bearable. I have never been pain free.
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    ive had fibro now for 2yrs and it hurts ,ive tried everythink going to no avail,i do my exercices and have a soak in the bath buts thats it,some days are better than others ,the neck and back pain really get to me ,neck pain starts my head aches of and im poppinh pills all the time ,ask your dr to send you to pain managment its a course that lasts for 8 weeks it will lean you a lot about fms
  4. joyfully

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    You may find additional help by posting on the FM board.
  5. freshfruit

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    Hi ladybug,

    Sorry you have fibro, but at least you have been diagnosed and thats half the battle. To my knowledge, there is no x-ray or blood work that has definite diag. A good dr that is truly concerned and compassionate certain does help. I've been diagnosed for years, but in 2000 had an auto accident that made it sooooooo much worse. The important thing is to limit your activities and rest as much as you can. Sleep is very important. As you dr if he will prescribe a sleep aid. You need your deep sleep so that your tissues and muscles will heal, impossible otherwise. I take Ambien for this, also Remeron(antidepressant to help with sleep and pain), Neurontin which helps the nervous system and Tylenol #4 for pain. Everyone is different with different symptoms. Exercise and warm baths help. Please sign up for chat room for fibromyalgia. I have found it to be informative and supportive.There is no cure for this, but we can be survivors!

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