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    After 2 years of my DR testing me for Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, because of pains and aches plus all over sore always tired and odd lumps that pop up on areas like the back of my heel that HURT, hands and feet just tingle out of the blue for no reason, he finally decided to break out a book Tues and start pressing on different parts of my body which everytime I abodt jumped off the table and my dentist just told me I have TMJ last week... so he then informs me I have FM and gives me Savella. I already know about FM because my dad's fiance has it.
    But my problem is I have ALOT of stress at work these days and my pain seems to get worse and worse each day so I called yesterday to ask about if there was anything for pain I could take... well after getting very rude and telling me we just do not give out pain meds she said I could take ibuprofen... umm is that a normal thing that hurts others??? because it is NOT touching this pain!!!! I tend ask if I could take Percocet and she starts giving me the whole 100 questions of how do you have that medicine.
    I do not want to keep calling and begging for med's but I just want to know is that normal med's to take for FM... does ibuprofen really help these type pains???????????
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    I'm pretty new here too. I read a lot of posts but don't post much. I've learned so much for the informed, intelligent folks here.

    To answer your questions from my viewpoint, Ibuprofren doesn't do anything for my FM pain. I'll be watching to see what others say about this to you.

    Take care and blessings to you,


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    I do not want anybody to be in pain or have anything bad happen to them... but gezzz I wish somebody would beat her in the shoulder down to mid back and down the arm to elbow with a bat then set the bones on fire making your one arm comepletely useless then just hand her an ibuprofen and tell her to just "deal with it"!!! GRRRRR
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    Good Luck! I was dx'd with fm in Feb. although I knew something was wrong for 4-5 years. Not to get you down, but I personally have yet to find anything that touches my "flu like pain". My rheumy has tried a few things, but made me feel like a zombie. I go back to her on Weds. and hopefully she will give me SOMETHING that hopefully will work. Is your Dr. a rheumatologist? If not it would be a good idea to find one in your area. Also stress is a big no, no, but how does one relieve that? I'm actually seeing a physcologist today for my stress related headaches. Hell, maybe he'll give me something. You take care, and welcome to the board.



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    I am still young.. or at least in my book I am lol.. and I try my best to climb the ladder at work and to make it worse I deal with govn and va homes loan so that is stressful by it's self... plus add in the fact that my pit tumors causes BAD anecity and panic attacks over any and everything so my world is just one big ball of stress lol
    Right now I just go to my normal Dr since I just found out I have this Tues.
    I feel bad calling begging for something for pain like an addict, but I can not deal with this pain.. I guess right now I am just trying to get up the courage to call again.
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    Hello and welcome!

    To answer your question, no Ibuprofen is not something that normally helps the horrible pain associated with Fibro.
    I would suggest you get the 'looking like a drug seeker' out of your mind. When I first needed them, I didn't give it second thought about needing them. It's not drug seeking, it's pain relief seeking.

    I've found what works best is how your quality of life is being severely affected by your daily pain.

    Maybe schedule an appt with the Dr. since the nurse? was the one who answered your question - or was it the Dr himself?

    If your dr. won't help you, find one that will. You can even ask your Dr. for a referral. Tell him you need to find someone who can help with the pain.

    Sorry they're giving you such a hard time. I'm not sure they're very educated. Most FM patients do not have a problem with pain meds - abusing becoming addicted etc.

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    and I have reduced mine by 90%, but it has taken years. I do believe that taking fish oil every day (without fail) 10-15mg at least has been a major factor also changing my diet to LOW carb, so keeping to unprocessed foods of all kinds, especially sweets (I do have a little wholegrain bread), keeping to foods as fresh and natural as possible, no preservatives, colourings, flavourings - it takes discipline.

    Also if you can find a therapeutic masseur, who will give you a light massage at first, increasing intensity as you can take it - it's wonderful to feel the aches "escaping" your body.

    You may read from this that I am not happy to take pain killers, as I have had previous v.bad side effects.

    Two things will trigger my pain - too much activity and stress.

    I wish you well, Cheers TN
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    Most metro cities have Pain Clinics. These physicians are specifically trained to help a patient take the steps that are needed to get their pain to a level in which they can at least handle it. Ibuprofen or any over the counter pain reliever is not going to help the debilitating pain that fibromyalgia throws at us especially during a flare. I for one have found that Tramadol 100 mg 3 times a day takes my pain down to around a 5 most days. I would make an appointment with your Dr to discuss how they would like to go about helping you with your pain and if you don't feel that they are willing to help you I would ask for them to make you an appointment with the pain clinic in yoru community. Good luck it just broke my heart reading your post.


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