HELP new pelvic pain I dont know why

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, May 19, 2006.

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    The last couple Days I have had server pain like I have been rideing a horse.from one side on the inside of my leg to the other.And low back pain and pain in my right side.This morning I got up and could hardly walk I am swollen in my privite area.It hurts all the way thu to the pelvic bone.All of the bone area hurts so bad it feels like a boil but in the bone.I have that sickie feeling like an infection is in my body.This also feels like the pain I get in my breast during my period time.I have been concerned that I may have Lupus but it never shows up in my blood work.This is the first time I have had pain in this area between my legs and on my pelvic bone.Can anyone tell me what this could be ?Or what to do to help it.I have an apt at ob/gyn on monday but I would like relief now.
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    I have had kidney stones that feel very much like you are describing. Is it painful to urniate?
    Could be stones. The pain is worse then childbirth. Go get it checked, go to ER if necessary.
    Take Care,
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    No I don't have any problem going to the bathroom.
    It feels like its in my bone and skin around it.its swollen
    like lymph notes deep inside are infected.
    I do have an apt Monday if it gets any worse Ill go to the emergency room .Thank you for your concern and advice
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