HELP ! New scary symptom--is progressing rapidly.

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    I've had CFIDS for 28 years, I thought I'd had every symptom in the book and a few that aren't in the book. Now I have something new. It started with swelling in my finger joints. Both hands and multiple joins. At first I thought it was arthritis or maybe even Lyme disease.

    But then I got swelling in the long bone of one of my fingers. One day was fine, the next morning I woke up with the swelling, and I couldn't straighten out that finger. I can straighten out the fingers were the joints are swollen. This morning I woke up with swelling all along my collarbone.

    The swelling is painful,and fairly hard. I'm almost positive that has nothing to do with me taking antivirals (Valtrex). As it started months before I started taking Valtrex. It started off very slowly with one joint, but has been progressing more and more rapidly.

    I don't have any other new symptoms. I have been more tired than usual, but I've been putting that down to the Valtrex. I do have on and off low-grade fevers, but I have had those for several years.

    I do have an appointment with my doctor next week.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be? I don't even know how to begin researching it.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help.

    I did see Hensue's post about finger swelling. So far looks like she has no diagnosis. Also she doesn't mention swellings in any other part of her body.
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