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    hi all love this im new to phx az need a dr to get my pain meds have been to 2 drs they wont give me the meds ive been taking for years they even checked the list they can get and see that i dont dr shop or abuse my meds so please someone in phoenix help me thanks
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    8/22/07 9:24 PM

    Great pain doc

    I've got the greatest pain specialest . Arthur Ford of Kingman Arizona . When I first went to see him in 2000 he had to refuse to treat me because at the time I was on a heart transplant list and he felt giveing me the right treatments would endanger my life . But he kept my files for 4 years until I'd improved to the point I was removed from the transplant list in 2004 . Then he began me on monthly epidural shots in my low back .It took over a year for them to help but they gave me my life back . He's the most careing doctor I've been to in over 12 year.

    I found this one on the good doctor list....there are probably more but I'm so tired!

    Check out the good doctor list.
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    This is a great message board. I come here nearly everyday just to check in and touch base with the only people I know who understand these dd's.

    This board is full of information, support and comfort. I thank Prohealth and the heavens for this cyber space place.

    I cannot help you with Phoenix, Arizona as I am in Oregon but I know you will find others here that might help.

    Again, Welcome, welcome, welcome.