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    Hi my names Melissa I am 30 yrs old I Just got diagnosed on Tuesday Doc gave me Gabapentin and Risperidone and that's after I tried Trazadone,Amitriptyline,and Clonopin none of them helped he said the Risperidone would help me sleep,it hasn't helped me sleep at all,But I have noticed its helped with my mood,any suggestions on what to tell my doc? Should I wait till my next appointment which is in a month or should I call on Monday and let him know whats going on? Please I am losing my mind I need to sleep I am a SAHM to 3 kids under 10 I need to get my rest.
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    Welcome to the board. What was your diagnosis?

    There are several boards at this site. See the menu in the upper right hand corner
    next to the board rules. The most active boards are the Chronic Fatigue/Fibro board
    and the Chit Chat board.

    There are a couple threads dealing w/ sleep problems on the CF/Fibro board now. You
    can also do a search for previous messages. Finally there is the Research, news and
    articles box above.

    The Chit chat board focuses on non-medical topics like kids, music, pets, gardening,
    etc. Provides some social life for those of us who don't get out much.

    Good luck
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    It may take a day for him to get back to you but you need your sleep. Did he suggest a sleep study? Without one, he is just groping in the dark for something to help you sleep. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Melissa -
    What to tell your Doc? I'd tell him exactly what you told us here. Ask him if you should wait for an appt of he'd be willing to try something else now - call you in something.

    How much Klonopin did he tell you to take? That should make you somewhat sleepy. It doesn't to me sometimes. I take it when I feel a bad headache coming on, it's the only thing that gives me half a chance of kicking it before it gets really bad.

    did he give you any muscle relaxers? Is sleep your main issue or is the pain worse? The muscle relaxers will help the pain, but may also make you sleepy.

    I KNOW how awful it is not to sleep. It wreaks havoc on our bodies. I sometimes sleep for 3 hrs a night and even that is interrupted. My pain the next day is much worse.

    Your post is a couple of weeks old - so let us know what you ended up doing.