HELP, Not sure what is going on :-(

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    okay I am gonna try to be brief with this, Okay here goes.............

    I had my little one Oct 2009 and since then I have had nothing but problems.. I have since been diagnosed with a goiter and hypothyroidism for which I have been taking meds since Fep 2010. The labor and delivery was a piece of cake with her compared to my first daughter and I was ready to go home about 3 hours after I had her, HOWEVER, state law says I had to stay for 24 hrs so at Noon the following day I went home. When the uterus shrinks to normal size, that was extremely painful, like worse than actual contractions, I was taking the pain meds they offered and then some.. and thats where this has all started.....

    Okay so it takes my body approximately 7 days to "actually" start my period. I will start spotting and getting HORRIBLE cramps (just like what it felt like when my uterus was shrinking after having my baby) and during this time I am completely miserable.. I get irritable and anti social and i can't concentrate and if there is something or noise going on around me when I am trying to do something I get super agitated. For example, I have really well behaved kids, but the morning started off rough with some crying and whining and then my youngest dumped the dog water and then my oldest didn't brush her hair like I asked and I couldn't help myself, I just went on this rampage of yelling at them telling them I wanted a new family... Afterwards I started bawling and apologizing and then got pissed off all over again at myself for allowing myself to say such a horrible thing. Okay so back the the period, now after 7 days of my body "trying" to start my period I finally start bleeding which is just short of hemoraging "not really but it seems like it" I have to wear a pad along with a super plus absorbency tampon and I still have to changed it every 2 hrs and during this time it is extremely painful to use the bathroom. I hurts to take the tampon out, it hurts to have a bowel movement, it hurts to fart, it feels like my insides are ripping out of me and coming out of my butt..... This is sooooo painful that it actually brings tears to my eyes and sometimes I just scream cause it hurts soo bad... Also, I get HORRIBLE headaches that seem to be tied to my period, It actually feels better to hit my head against the wall then to feel the headache..

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
    experienced such a thing?

    I would go to the doc but we don't have insurance and I am still paying bills from this whole thyroid issue and just plain cannot afford to go.. So any help, advice, suggestions, ect. would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    ProHealth does not provide any doctors for these boards, so any responses will be from people like you. What I can tell you is that it is very important for you to see a doctor and have an OB/GYN exam and possible blood work and you cannot rely on opinions from the internet as your health is involved.

    As to money, please go to the top of this HEALTH BOARD and the first post in bold will have two places were you can get free health care and prescription resources. Please check them out.

    Most doctors plan on seeing mothers who have delivered a child back for checkups because things do happen post delivery and it's important to you to have those checkups and be sure everything is okay. When I had my child, I did not have my period in 7 days and I was not breastfeeding. Instead it took my body over a month before I returned to having my period.

    At my post-delivery 6 month OB/GYN checkup, the doctor discovered a growth of some type that didn't belong on my cervix. He had to schedule me to have it frozen off. It didn't hurt at the time, but it was major pain and cramping for the rest of the day. The doctor was then pleased at the followup. In less than 18 months, I had the regrowth back again on the cervix and had to have the freezing done a second time. This really emphasizes the need for OB/GYN post delivery for the mother because of situations exactly like this. If I never returned to the doctor, had it discovered and received treatment--two times--I might have endangered my health.

    I will tell you that a co-worker's of my mother had difficulty back in the 70s and it was found that the hospital left a sponge inside her after a cesarean section. When it was discovered what happened, she required surgery to remove the sponge and to clean out the area for infection, etc. This is another reason, which rarely happens but did happen to my mother's co-worker, and why it is important for the delivering mother to obtain post natal OB/GYN care.
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    You need to see a doctor. It sounds like your hormones need some tweaking and no amount of advice or suggestions from us will help you there.