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    Been real busy between my last college class, state CTC testing, and my job. Came home tonight after a fight with my boss. Later in the evening I had a lump in my throat after eating pizza and pain in my neck and jaw. Hasn't gone away. Not sure if this is a Fibro thing. I know - possibly heart. But, I also have PTSD/Panic Attacks, so I don't want to rush to the hospital. Done that before, and they said just an anxiety attack. I took a blood thinner - so I hope I'll be OK (just in case - but heaven doesn't look too bad right now...).

    Anyway, does Fibro cause pain in the neck (thyroid area-like a lump you can't feel by touch) and pain in the lower jaw and back?

    Let me know

    I have been under such attack from Satan lately - my two sisters have fibro, but have the finances to stay home and not have to work. It is hard not to be upset about this. I do have to work. I am trying to look towards the future and what God has in store for me, and the moment I am "ok" with the situation - satan hits me hard. I don't know what to do anymore.

    My "story" is long and complicated - basically, I have endured a very abused life.

    Prayers are very needed.


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    I just don't know what to do. I am a "strong" person - but weak in the area of friends/relationships. In fact, my nickname is "xena" (given by friends, NOT ME), Lord knows why. I really am not that strong. Anyway, I have a great husband, (2nd time around) but no real female friends.

    I figured maybe I could find them here - who knows?

    Anyway, today was a very bad day. I really tried to help at work, put more that my all into it, and my boss picked on me anyway. I left in tears. I NEVER cry in front of ANYONE. That is how bad it was.

    I will be out tomorrow sick. MY FMS plus whatever else is wrong with me (pain in jaw, neck, etc) will keep me home tomorrow. My boss will probably be mad, but I won't kill myself to make her feel comfortable.

    There are so many things that I am upset about as a Christian: my Job, My boss, the fact that my ex can force me to live in NJ when I own a home in NYS even though he is a documented abusive "rich" ex, etc.

    I am worn out and tired....but God can use me if He can manage to get me on my "heels" as Sarah Palin says, and "takes off my gloves".

    Prayers are needed -

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    Oh, you have joy before you...just don't look in the "conventional" places...

    I am a straight laced, academic, type of woman. Married (for the first time) a Republican, "Christian" man who LIED to me! If he really was a Christian, I am sorry, because I could not see the fruits...but take a look at my'll get the picture!

    My new husband - well he didn't have a job when I met him. He was "working off" his debt to society - paying for his past sins....

    Anyway, he and I are definately the "odd couple". And everyone but he and I thought that way--- but when I looked at him I saw Jesus, even when others did not.

    We are on year 3+ - no arguments, and a positive plan to put Jesus first in our lives.

    Are we sinless? Lord, no!!!!! But we try.

    Praying for you - there is a life out there for you!

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    Hi Tiggy,

    Not feeling to good - healthwise here - but I'll try to be of help to sweetpotatoe.

    Hey, sweetpotatoe...Court is so hard - Believe it or not, I once was asked to become an attorney to help those like me. However, knowing the "system" I could not devote the time to try. The legal "system" on earth will rarely find in favor of God's children - but not to worry! As hard as it is, and as distant as it may seem, God will protect you, and me, and will make sure our lives will glorify Him.

    I am living proof. I fail SO MANY TIMES with regards to sin, and standing up to satan's attacks...but, that's why Jesus died for us ---right???

    Anyway, don't give up - life is hard, but the reward is great!

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    I know the battle, its so hard.

    I believe I am coming out of an 8 year battle with the devil, My ex husband has almost driven me insane for 8 years since I ended the marriage, add to that 6 years of misery being married to him, its been a long haul, a long story.

    I am doing ok, I've changed alot as a person, its been hard to understand, but I know it will end soon, the torment will be over, he will have no hold on me anymore. I have forgiven my ex husband, I am so ready to move away from him and this town, my relocation order will be overturned this month.

    My downfall right now is doubting the Lord for His provision for me, after all these years of suffering and unanswered prayers I get scared about the future, freedom also seems scary when you have lived under control and abuse too, I think it will be a long road to recovery, but I am ready I have been for a long time, it must be all about Gods timing, there must be a reason for the length of time the Lord has allowed this to go on for, I truly don't understand alot of things.

    I have been trying to press on to the future for so long, not long now, I am praying and standing on the promises of God for financial recompence and provision for myself and my children.

    Stand strong WW, you are a strong woman, sometimes we have to lean on God and others, sometimes we have to rest and I have learned to let go of my hopes and dreams and let God take over, its hard when we are so desperate and in horrible circumstances, But God is a ggod God, he is fair, trust in Him and rest up.

    The throat syndrome I have is Globus Syndrome, its an anxiety disorder. Swelling and lumps and scratchy throat, its very real and uncomfortable, I thought I had something stuck in my throat once, then other times its just a swollen throat all the time, hard to swallow, it affects my stomache too.
    Get checked out though, I had a camera tube down my nostrils to the back of the throat and voice box, I've had that done 3 times now by the ear nose and throat doctor, I feel reassured there is nothing growing or abnormal. Sometimes he sees acid burns but thats fixable, with meds to help keep the acid down in the gut, its all anxiety and adrenal related, too much stress, my voice has changed too, sometimes my voice box, vocal chords are burnt too.

    Stay strong girls, Tiggy you are such a good friend to us all, I know you know about these issues.

    I hope and pray for peace tonight and resting of our minds, I pray for Jesus to reassure our minds that He is in control that we don't have to worry, Jesus has won the victory, the Devil has no power over us, I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone of us, Flee and scatter satin you have no power, Jesus is the King and Our vindicator, In jesus name I pray a blessing over you Tiggy and WW.

    Love Cindy.