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    Nurturing: Help Others Grow

    Nurturing others is deeply rewarding. It is like preparing someone else's garden for springtime. From raising a child to mentoring a student or colleague, to just passing along wisdom, generativity (the ability to help others grow) gives us a feeling of power along with love. It also protects us against depression and low self-esteem.

    Try this simple exercise: Whatever you are doing, offer a smile and a warm comment, or even a hug to the person next to you right now... You may find you've brightened their day and your own.

    (Just a thought: if you don't have a person next to you right now to give a smile or hug, when you are out next time, try greeting those you know and happen to run into with a smile or hug!)

    From Why Good Things Happen to Good People,
    by Steven Post, PhD, and Jill Neimark, Broadway Books, New York, 2007.