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    Tonight I have a terrible pain in my lower arms on the inside of both feels like it is burning..if I touch my skin lightly it feels like it is badly bruised and the muscle is very is getting worse...any ideas what it is? I triedx ice packs and that isnt helping...the pain is really bad.
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    I have been suffering with this symptom off and on and unfortunately it is on again. I went on this morning to look up arm pain, my radiates from my underarm right down to my wrist on my right, the burning feeling that you describe also - I am on the computer all day at work so I know that is a contributing factor. The underarm pain was concerning, however I have had two mammograms in a year and both time clear, so it is this DD.

    Even though we know deep down it is our illness, you cannot help but worry sometimes. Reaching out helps. I use myoflex and it helps somewhat, I can't take flexeril all day as I need to be alert.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

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  3. i also have that horrible pain in my arms,and it makes me mad because it comes on when ever i do my favourite hobbie,which is playing the guitar.

    for each time this pain has affected me (which has been very severe) ive had to stop playing the guitar,and rest my arms for a couple of days.

    im angry because my illness is stopping me from doing what i enjoy.ive limited my guitar playing to just 30 mins a night,but it makes no difference,i still get the severe arm pain.

    i think its coming from tendens in our hands.i know for sure that my fingers muscles are getting very swollen and painful too.

    isnt it heartbreaking that this illness just prevents us from doing what we so enjoy.

    i dont spent long on the pc,so enjoy my guitar,but goodness me how i hate this illness,its always there sticking its ugly head in every thing we try to do,no wonder we feel depressed.

    the only thing i do is rub a pain releaving gel called biofreeze,on my does ease the pain,but the pain doesnt stay away for long.the biofreeze is good for making my back pain ease,but for some reason,it doesnt work as good on my arms and wrists.

    now the weather is cold,ive bought some fingerless gloves,you know,the ones were the finger ends have been cut off.

    when i get this very bad arm and wrist pain,i wear these gloves,in the house,and it eases the wrist pain .im thinking of getting a pair of long johns too,i think its now time to wrap our body up as warm as possible,even while indoors.this illness just hates the cold doesnt it.

    ill have to buy a spare pair of long johns too.ive noticed my bladder working overtime due to the cold,i think we,ll all have to get our partners to get out the stop watches,and time us while we try to get out of layers of clothing to answer the call of nature.

    take care