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    Is macaroni (semolina) related to white flour?? Have candida, made some small changes to diet. Have been doing sympton and food diary past few days. Yesterday I had Tuna on white bread. Today macaroni and tuna salad. They both got my gut in the worse way, the symptons I have been complaining about. I have to find things out the hard way, but trying to figure out what made me sick, the bread & macaroni, or the mayo or the tuna. Thanks guys!!Love, Deb
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    This stuff is as bad as any white flour when it comes to carbs and feeding fungi.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Deb.
    How do you react when you eat eggs? The reason I'm asking is because the maccaroni and the mayo both contain egg. When I eat anything at all that contain eggs, it kills me. I always find out the hard way what has egg in it. It might not be the white flour at all unless you know for sure that that's what is bothering you. Either way, I would check into the egg thing. The only problem is, you have to eat one to find out, and that can be painful if that's the problem. Hope you feel better.
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    Macaroni and white bread are things you should avoid. I too, have tremendous stomach pain if I eat eggs or egg products like mayo. Try 100% whole wheat bread, and go really, really light with the mayo.
    Good luck,
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    The white bread and the macaroni is your culprit. That will definitly get ya. By the way other than being sick are you any better lately??? Today im REAL depressed!!!! Those girls are at it again at work. Don't know how to handle them anymore. Its like if I take up for myself it makes it worse and boss wont do anything about it and says he wont get involved. Okay back to you...Girlfriend follow your diet book and remember the spelt bread? You ought to try it. It is great with me. I dont think the tuna will hurt you. Mayo??? Don't know since I dont have reactions to it. But answer me this....What reactions are you feeling since you ate your macaroni and tuna on white bread? Is it like pain or fatigue??? Write back....See ya...Hope you feel better. Love Pammy
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    I think it is the bread and macaroni too. I haven't had a plain egg in awhile, but I will try one by itself. I didn't have any white bread in three days. I bought the flours but haven't made anything. All bread products I have looked at have yeast and evaporated cane juice so I left them behind. I get varing degrees of extremly intense pressure thru my abdominal cavity and in my back to, it is really itchy, feels like little bugs feeding inside. I get the aggravated burny slimy throat, and then i get pressure in the head and wicked chills. I got all of that after the macaroni and the bread and after sugar, gingerale and icecream. So I guess I know what my culprits are.
    Love, Deb

    Pammy I posted for you yesterday, I'll try and bump it again.All though Iv'e never done the really sweet thing, I have been continuously having sugar thru the day. I was eating bread and butter 2 or 3 times aday to gain weight. I won't feel any better till I break the cycle. I am glad I did the diary, I now have proof, where as before I just continuously felt sick and did not know why.
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    I also was sucking on tums all day, full of sugar, I did not know that. Mylanta has artificial sweetener in it.
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    I know a great recipe for wholewheat bread...its just wholemeal (i.e 100% brown) flour, bicarb soda, natural yoghurt and is sooo good i think i am addicted to it. I am on a strict anti candida diet to, for 6 months now, and this is my saviour!!
    lets me know if you want the recipe and ill email it to you!
    lou x
  8. Debgene56

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    thank you! I would love the recipie. Do you think it would work well with alternative grains too? I will post to you.Love, Deb
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    Salespeople are not allowed on this board!!!!
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    especially if its good with alternative grains. I can't touch wholemeal and sometimes do eat white bread but no yeast would be better, so is it possible to post the recipe here ?
    also to Deb, i used to have to avoid anything that had egg in it. i used to be very sick and get terrible headaches when i ate anything with egg in it.. Recently i tried a proper organic egg and i was fine. so now i can eat organic eggs and i think it was the chemicals in the chicken feed that made me sick, i have lots of allergy problems with chemicals. its just a thought in case you think its the eggs that make you sick
    lov pnkquartz
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    We now have two requests for your yummy bread. Do you think you could post it here, alot of people would probably love it, Do you by any chance have a recipie for a creamy coleslaw? Thanks, Love, Deb
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    Please, do post it here.

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    Lou has posted it under Bread recipie.