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    I have an apptment this afternoon with my PCP. I have never really discuused FMS with him except when I ointerviewed him b4 selecting him as PCP he said he would be happy to treat my FMS and he has gien me refills for existing meds. I have a list of complaints in order of severity and I am also going to ask for PROVIGIL. DOes anyone wlse have any sufggestions of how I can handle this to get the most assisitance out of my dr.
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    It seems you are already on the right track just by interviewing him. It's great that you found a doctor interested and has experience in treating fibro.

    I don't know much about your treatment history so some of my suggestions may be a moot point ... but if not you might find some helpful.

    Have you had a sleep study? Sleep disorders are a given now with CFS/FM. With a sleep study you can find out which disorder you have a take the appropriate sleep medication for it. Your PCP can refer you.

    Are you taking an AD for fibro? Do you want to be on the AD? Reason that I ask is that doctors always go for the AD script when treating fibro and not all of us like the side effects nor do we find adequate relief with them.

    Are you on any pain meds? With winter coming and the possible escalating of symptoms with colder temps you might want to have on hand your good daily pain med plus something for breakthrough pain.

    As much as I hate feeling "drugged", I have an rx for flexeril that my doc pretty much made me keep "for days when I have gone too far". I hate this but... he's right. I can take small amts. of flexeril for about 36 hours and the pain that nothing can touch resolves itself. Something to be said for "breaking the pain cycle".

    Provigil is excellent rx for EDS, but like everything else, some do great on it and some don't. Ask for the 100mg instead of 200mg tabs. The proper dose is 200mgs per day, but this way you can take the smaller amt first and ease into it. Adderall is another otion for EDS.

    My doctor put me on singulair as soon as I was diagnosed. I don't have asthma ... it is for it's ability to block leukotrienes thu controlling the inflammation response. The help is subtle, but if I don't take it for several days (about a week), pains that I have forgotten about that cannot be handled solely with tramadol/advil/flexeril come back into my life.

    Also, singulair helps greatly with any chemical allergies that can be traced to fibro.

    That's all I can think of at the moment without knowing much about your situation. I lucked out with my PCP ... he has taken excellent care of me from the start. I also have a ND helping me with alternative treatments and an integreated doc helping to balance my hormones that get so turned around with fibro with bio-identical hormones.

    I am in early remission. I don't know how well you are feeling but I wanted to encourage you to keep going.

    I hope this helps some and good luck with your new doctor.

    Take care,


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