help please back pain anyone and confused boyfriend

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    Hi I've posted on here a few times. I live in Norwich and London depending on the time of week. I am doing a pgce in drama in london at the moment which is a real struggle at the moment. I'm currently lying on sofa watching awful tv when I should be in school teaching but pain in my back is unbearable at the minute. I only jst started getting pains in my back last year and it always knocks me for 6. I have masses of tension in my shoulders which even a massage won't shift. Really need ideas on what to do. Had fibro for about 15 years and I'm only 25 kind of not sure what the point is now which really upsets my boyfriend.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas to help my poor back. Also does anyone know how to explain to loved ones how you feel.
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    You mentioned seeing a massage therapist, have you considered a chiropractic doctor, I use one here in the states for my low back pain and trigger points in my hip and shoilder are. It has helped alot. Decreased the pain by 50 percent since August.

    Many chiros and I believe this applys to the UK as well are trained in soft tissue manipualtion which may help your shoulder area. You may also have trigger points which can be common in FM people.

    Does your socialized medicine cover chiro, in the USA it depends on each persons insurance policy.

    Make sure if you do go to one the person is not just a back cruncher , is trained in strech release technigues for soft tissue issues. Have your spine alignment checked as well as you may be favoring one side and throwing off your muscle balance. Hope this helps,

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    Hi there

    I'm 35 live Tunbridge Wells Kent, UK. I have a vibrating back pad that I bought in my local town centre The label says IRIU or SIRIUS, its a god send and I can turn it over and put my feet in it too.

    I use fish oil's, evening primrose, Dong quai from Holland and Barrett, it is a muscle relaxant plus seems to stop cramp also a new thing I tried this year is magnesium-ok from Boots and I have to say I was blown away with the results as it has dramatically reduced burning pain that I was feeling in my muscles in my back but this also may help with muscle cramp.

    I also find hot baths, deep relaxation cd's/ medition very helpful.

    Currently looking at buying some Recuperat, worth looking into.

    Not cured yet! Making some slow progress but much better than a few months ago. Had fibro 9 yrs and some short remissions but seem to be in a new faze but hopeful I can get better.

    I find it very difficult to get anyone who doesn't have this condition to understand what it is like living with it.

    Hope thats of some help
    Much Love Clare.
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    Thanks. Yeah thought about chiro but haven;t been yet didn't want to make it worse. I have been having acupuncture which helped a bit. Cheers for the advice on what to take. Tried herbal stuff before which never really worked but will give it another go.