Help Please! New Dr. Can't treat me...too ill!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wiseeagle, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    Hi there,

    I have been looking to replace my old family dr.; just
    had a office visit today with a new Dr. and she told
    me that I had too many medical problems for her to
    handle...and that I needed to go to Duke/UNC hospital.
    I live in Raleigh, NC, I am a RN on disability for l4yrs.
    I couldn't believe that she really said this to me. THat
    fibromyalgia is too hard to treat...I responded that
    means that you only what new pts that are easy to treat..
    THe problem with treating fibromyalgia as we all know
    is difficult...What works with one pt. doesn't work
    with another. Too hard....she would have to think!!!
    I had a temperature, swollen lymph nodes and in alot
    of pain. She flat out told me she couldn't care for me;
    I then asked if she could treat a cold...NO answer.
    I still am in shock..I called medicare re: billing
    so she won't get paid for telling me that I was too
    difficult a case to take..I really don't think she
    should get a dime...but of coarse Medicare said that
    if she spoke to me then she had the right to bill for
    her time!! What about time, my energy, my
    increase stress level...needless to say I checked by
    BP and it was 180/110. At the beginning in her office
    she checked my BP & it was 130/77. I don't know really
    what to do, I do plan on reporting her to the medical
    board, but I know that it really falls on deaf ears.

    Has anyone ever heard of this problem occurring??

    Please let me know!!

  2. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    and reported them to my insurance and that was a big mistake, because my PCP (family doc) got mad at me and started to do ugly things like taking away my Prozac and putting me on Celexa without telling me, telling me I had allergies, when I had sinus infections, etc.

    I ended up telling the receptionist that I refused to see this doctor anymore and I started to see another associate. Eventually she left that practice and I was assigned another associate. I've been happier with him than I was with the above male doc. I don't want to mention his name.

    Anyway, current PCP is very laid back and quiet. So far things work out well, but it was the female doc I had that got me on the meds I needed for FMS. So my present PCP hasn't really had much to do. He did give me pain meds in May. Otherwise, I've been on the same meds for FMS since about 1997.

    I would go to another doc if I were you. There has to be other family docs around who will treat you.

    I fired a psychiatrist once for not helping me with FM. I had a pain specialist fire me because I wouldn't go with what he wanted me to do. Come to his office 3 x a week (over 40 mile round trip) for biofeedback, etc.

    Neurologist told me he couldn't help me and I would need to see another doc.

    So that is why I went back to my family doc. I hope you can find someone else and not have to go to Duke.

    Good luck!

  3. ecade

    ecade New Member

    I new to this for myself, but my daughter, and granddaughter have fibromyalgia. So I know have you feel when doctors treat you like it's no big deal, or that your taking up thier time, without a cause. But the once who treat you as if they have the answers and, that would hurt more. better that she didn't act like she could help and couldn't. My doctor is really good he got in touch with someone who knew about fm and started reading. He found a med. that has really helped, and I asked on this sight and got good news on it. It's call cymalta I take 60mgs a day.
    and I found the vita are really good for me nature's blend B complex with C ,and coral calcium 1000mgs two and lysine 500mg,E,C,A AND it really has made me feel better. I hope this helps, God Bless
  4. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    A neurologist.My primary had me seea rheumatoloigist and orthopeadic surgeon-plus all your tests are in the same place.You don't have to drive around.As an added bonus,being teachers also-they take a lot of notes.Good luck.Linda
  5. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Write a letter requesting all of your records ( and as a RN you know what should be included )and stating business-like how disappointed you are in her refusal to be a PARTNER with you in the treatment of FM.

    Put an "expected to receive" date on the records, you expect to have them within 10 business days ,or something along those lines.

    Copy letter to insurance and medical review board. ( Don't expect anything to come from it, just to have it on file.)

    Have you looked on the good doctor list here? Good luck to you. I hope you feel better soon, and I'm so sorry you had to go through this.

  6. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    And just last week I asked him if he would see a friend of mine who has fibromyalgia. His answer was, "No."

  7. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    difference if we don't get treated right away since it isn't (fm) a "progressive" illness. I totally disagree because as I went through the years trying to get someone to address my ever growing worse pain, just "maybe" it would have caused less nerve damage if I'd been treated sooner.

    I had some who would treat my Asthma and other things but ignored the pain. I had some that said they didn't treat FM because they didn't like to write prescriptions for pain meds or they couldn't cure it. I had
    some that said "Yeah, you have it I what do you want ME to do?". I had one I saw once and he ordered blood work and all and when I went back for the follow up appt his
    nurse told me he wouldn't even see me.

    I finally found an MD, young woman who knew about FM and started treating each symptom. I really liked her but she was in an HMO clinic and the minute her one year contract was up she RAN out of there and set up a
    practice with her husband way out of our area.

    She sent me to the pain doctor I see now, who also had given the second opinion and had agreed with her diagnosis and treatment regime. I've been with him ever since.

    But for the first couple of years I had trouble trusting him not to drop
    me. I hated to have to tell him when the pain had gotten worse, as it did
    until suddenly it was stable in 2003.
    He finally told me "I'm a doctor who
    treats pain, you have pain, so it would be unethical of me to drop you
    just because your pain gets worse. If you don't tell me I can't help you and I WANT you to be as pain free as
    possible.". I nearly fainted but started trusting him at that point.

    I hope you will eventually find a doctor that will know about FM and be willing to stick it out with you. They can't cure us, there IS no cure, but they can keep us functioning and
    some therapies seem to work pretty well for some of us. Things that did
    NOTHING for me have proven to be God
    sends for others, so don't give up!
  8. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    This has happened to me three times...

    It happens all the just happened to my friend...Drs dont like the FMS pain world at all!

    Is it wrong?
    of course!
    is it legal?..depends how they do it...fine line.

    good luck-
  9. well the rheumie dr. I see isn't seeing anymore fibro patients as he says they take up too much of his time, he says he has to take care of his arthritis patients first and formost. I guess we're not that important to them.
  10. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    Thank you everyone who repled to my post Yesterday,

    I have been to all the rhemolotogist, neurogolist and family Dr. here in Raleigh, I don't know what I'm suppost to do now.
    Go to Charolle NC to be put on a waiting list for Dr. Lapp--don't even know if he will accept Medicare --that is my problem NO primary care Dr. wants to accept medicare. I now have hit them ALL believe it or not. I'm aleady on the list
    to see a chronic Lyme spec.---probably won't be seen until
    Jan. of next year...really don't know how I can hold on!!

    It takes alot for me to give up--but right now I just don't know where to turn!!!

    Anyone in the Raleigh area--I'd appreciate any feedback as to primary care Dr's names. As I said I been to all that are willing to accept medicare.

    Love and Light

  11. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    I went to the Fibromyalgia Center of New Jersey in East Brunswick in the late 90's. This doc touted his success rates and how awesome his practice was and how well his patients responded to treatment.

    After a few months of seeing him he tells me I have to look for a new doctor. My condition was too severe to be considered as a successful response to treatment.

    The only reason he had such awesome success rates was because he wouldn't treat sick people who actually needed a good doctor!


    Have you decided how far you're wiling to travel to see a PCP and tried to find one in that larger area? Perhaps you can find a rheumatologist that will be your PCP. That's what my Mom has.

    Don't give up. BB

  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    If you don't, you aren't missing much. You well know, that's mostly what doctors do.

    But you probably do, so maybe you can find a doc who is willing to just supply your rx's until you can get a PCP to fully take you on. Maybe if it's presented as just maintenance, and you don't need much of their time, and are not expecting a cure.

    I've had this about as long as you, not as severe anymore though. My experience has been meds did little for me, many bad reactions or backfired outcomes. I need my painkillers, a.d. and occasional Clonazepam for sleep though, for now, I'm owrking on that.

    Mostly though, the substantial recovery I have achieved has come from much research and finding the right supplements and right diet and precarious balance of range of motion exercise. I say "exercise" loosely, because it's often more range of motion flailing about just to unstiff and get lymph flowing. It got me out of bed though, and I walk as I can, somedays briskly and lengthly. Other times, I'm like a toddler when walking w/ my 6'1 fiance, "slow down, need to rest - it's been a whole block need to go back now". If I can only do the driveway, at least I got a snootful of fresh air.


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