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  1. brainfoggy

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    Based on the igenex WB my dr prescribed me biaxin, gemifloxacin, and omnicef for 3 months. Had anyone had sucess with any or all of these abx? They seem really rare in treatment.

  2. buttercakes

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    I was on Biaxin, for a couple of months, and I herxed like crazy from it, it is a very powerful ABX. I could not tolerate it, so my LLMD switched me back to Doxy. Were you just diagnosed? Sandie
  3. brainfoggy

    brainfoggy New Member

    LLMD says I most definitely have lyme based on igenex. I'm not sure how long I have had it, maybe a few years. I'm just wondering why he's prescribing me these obscure abx no one else takes. Are you any better? Do people get better usually? What should I take to help with the herxing??? I have to be on these abx 3 months.
    Thank you
  4. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    My LLMDs first choice was Doxy for 3 months, then Biaxin,
    amoxicillian for 3 months, now im on bicillan injections once a week and oral Doxy. I have talked to others who were on Omnicef and had good results with it, I have never heard of gemifloxacin. I have been in treatment since 1/08
    and I am slowly improving. To answer your question about getting better, I believe we can improve the way we feel
    with ABXS, good diet, no alcohol, no sugar, exercise(when able)and following a good LLMDs advice. I have talked to people who say they are better, and some that say they are not. I dont know, thats a hard question to answer, Mabey it depends on the person and what co infections they may have. I feel that I just have to do the best I can, and never give up trying different things. There is so much to learn. When I herx I drink fresh lemon and water, take a bath in ebsome salts,(2 cups)and take extra vit. C for detoxing. Good Luck, Sandie
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  5. redhummingbird

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    Hi brainfoggy,

    Welcome to the confusing world of lyme! I'm still learning myself.

    I've never heard of gemifloxacin but there are many people who have been on biaxin and omnicef for lyme-with positive results.

    I've been on Omnicef for one week-Minocycline for 8 weeks plus some other stuff.

    buttercakes gave some good advice for herxing.

    Both the lemon water and baths have helped with herxes.

    Keep us posted!
  6. brainfoggy

    brainfoggy New Member

    Thanks for your replies! The gemifloxacin is actually a brand new drug, he said I had to be on this no exceptions. Im trusting his judgement. So needless to say the cost at costco w/out insurance $730!!!! There is no cap on what these insurance companies can charge, it is a shame. I found a canadian pharmacy where I was able to get it for $100. I'm also starting ondamed (rife machine???) or similar don't know what I think about this...kinda like snake oil or something. Have you heard this is good to do in conjunction? He did mention the same things for herxs epsom salt baths, and I already drink alot of lemon juice. I'm excited at the possibility of getting a life back but also have EBV, CPN ,and Myco to deal with too. Do you know if this helps or hurts a pending SSDI claim? Is this considered curable or treatable?
  7. erica741

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    Who is your LLMD?

    I have an appointment with mine next week, and will inquire about gemifloxacin.

    I started lyme treatment the first week of May. I was on 500 mg zithromax and 300 minocycline for my 1st 6 weeks. The mino was giving me dizziness and vertigo, so my LLMD replaced it with 900 mg omnicef.

    I'm taking chlorella, olive leaf extract (for EBV), and enula (for babesia). I've been herxing like crazy for 2 months!

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  8. brainfoggy

    brainfoggy New Member

    Hi! I'm herxing too, I think I might die actually so I know how you are feeling! Uncertainty is the worst, and this disease is a nightmare. My LLMD is Dr. Peter Muran He's excellent. I'm doing Biaxin, doxy (allergic to Omnicef), and soon adding gemifloxacin a new drug in the quinolone family I believe which targets lyme and cpn and myco. Doing this Ondamed machine too which is supposed to be good with bringing out the lyme of hiding. I have more pain today after doing it yesterday, so apparently the lymies are getting agro. The treatment was totally relaxing and felt no pain during but they warned I might herx and I am. I'm concerned with my heart feels pretty weak.

    You might consider calling and asking about this treatment in conjuntion to the abx. Ask for David if you do, he is the tech for the machine and can answer questions.

    I hope you, me and ALL of us get some relief soon.


  9. erica741

    erica741 New Member

    Congratulations on your herxing!!!! Really. No matter how bad you feel (and I'm sure it's bad), herxing is a sign that your treatments are killing off the bacteria and other toxins...and that you'll get better soon!

    What is that Ondamed machine? Is it like a rife machine? I don't even know a rife machine is...I'm trying to learn about all this stuff before my LLMD appointment next week, so I can make sure to ask him as much as possible.

    Thanks for all the great info...hope you start feeling better soon!

  10. brainfoggy

    brainfoggy New Member

    It isn't like the rife machine...he said the closest thing he could think of was electromagnetic accupuncture to describe it. I really am not a good source of info, I think basically it stimulates tissues (I was sooooo relaxed, he said one dentist in CA, Ventura uses it in loo of sedation). He charted all these numbers, took note of areas where there was more frequency (pain). The next day I felt more pain so I called and they gave me some "charged water". Today, the pain is less than it's been since starting the herx so I think it's a good accompany to abx since it helps promote the die off. The doc said 6 months, but David the tech said 10 treatments will be very beneficial. It's $75 per session, lasts about an hour. I buy into it, you could call and ask to speak to David.

    Take Care