Help Please! SSDI problem. I am scared for my future!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scotlandrose, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. scotlandrose

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    I have had SSDI for 2 years now. Only advice my advocate gave me after I won was bacically, do not work and get paid for it, they may use that against you. OK

    My father passed away in August. I know everyoneis now going to want to say how sorry they are for my pain, and I greatly appreciate that, but he had late-stage Alzheimer's and had already been gone a year before that. The whole process was very sad and draining, but he is not suffering anymore and I find comfort in that.

    It seems wills require a masters degree in finance, and can take longer than getting SSDI. Finally, my Mom says they are nearly finished and here is my problem.

    Her "dream team" is a bank VP, a financial lawyer who claims to be an expert with SSDI and wills, and some other financial yahoo. In November, I was told they would put the money into
    some kind of checking account and I would have to do direct pay with all my bills, but keep getting my SSDI check myself. Then the expert said it HAD to be put into a trust to avoid making too much money and i would have to pay taxes. This week, I was told i had to take all the money I currently have, send it to them, and only they could write check from the account. I could ask for money, and they would send it to me to put under the mattress I guess. By the way, my Mom seems to have selective memory in her old age. She remembers every detail of what I can or cannot do, but cannot remember the name of any of these accounts..i.e...I cannot get info. Also, I have caught her lying, flat out, about lots of other things in the past few months, but did not call her out because I do not want her to know all the "secrets" I am learning.

    Basically, I need to know this:
    what does SSA have to say about big inheritances? From what I read and found, being 46/single I can make up to 25,000.00 a year before taxes. SSA does not count inheritance money against you unless you are making over 25,000 off it.

    Also, she claims me being on SSDI screwed up my brother's part of the inheritance. What?

    I have found lots of info and it seems basically you can win a billion dollar lottery, as long as you do not use that money to make more.

    Twice, when I said her lawyer was wrong and probably confused with SSI, she STRONGLY suggested I do not actually own a penny yet, and i better shut up. She also wants me in an assisted living facility. Would she do any of these horrible things, yes. I will admidt, i have always been the black sheep of the family and according to her, my brother is damn near perfect.

    I believe if I ever sell the house I am in (she owns it), I can convience her a smaller condo with occasional maid or nurse is cheaper that assisted living. I am scared these people can set up a trust or account without my consent.

    If There are "special' accounts or requirements for SSDI and wills, why do i only find info on income caps? The type C trust sounds interesting so far...

    Help! I do not want to be living in my 10yrd old SUV with my 2 birds on the streets of Atlanta. Oh, my Mom lives in a little town in TN.

    Any advice? Help? I have listened and researched since november, but I have bad adrenals and this is really killing me. I have what I call the Incredible Hulk Syndrome: once you cross a line or hit the wrong button, run. I do not turn green, actually i never looked, but I can feel the rage comming, and i become a screaming drunk truck driver type and all reason is lost. That happened Friday, and i have not talked to her since.

    Please, any advice is needed and greatly appreciated. I am really scared. I know how lucky I am that my Dad was a doctor and my Mom a great investor. I never dreamed it would be used as power/control over me.


  2. mbofov

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    Your situation sounds very complicated and it sounds like a fair amount of money is involved. You need an advocate on your side who knows the law. Even though lawyers are not cheap, it would be good to at least have a consultation with one. We can't really give you legal advice on this board -

    Good luck!

  3. scotlandrose

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    I understand perfectly why you can't give me legal advice on the board. Although I cannot practice right not, I am a Board Certified Music Therapist. I can give advice on general things, but would/could not diagnose or prescribe anything here either. I get it.

    Yes, you are right, this is the most screwed up situation you can imagine. I left out 90% because it was personal ugly things that do not impact the legal situation.

    I will post the outcome, edited of course. Best thing I can think of right now is to gather as much info as I can, take a Xanex before I talk to these people, have notes, definitions ready, listen carefully, talk carefully, stuff like that. Sometimes, being there is better than the phone, but the 6 hr drive would really wear me out etc...

  4. rocky76

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    at the top of page...
    Bold letters..SS Info....
    Might find great answers there..
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    with Mary. Better to pay an attorney and have someone on your side
    than to end up with nothing. It doesn't seem like anyone else is
    concerned about your welfare.

    Good luck.


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