Help please . . . . . . . Yes or No to salt?

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    I was very interested in the posts about salt tablets and sea salt. While trying to search for salt tablets, I came across this article.

    It's very frustrating when, everytime you find what you think is a plus idea, there is always someone out there that will come up with a negative for it!

    So, please advise. Should I, or should I not, try taking salt, as long as I drink plenty of water??


    Salt tablets are better than no salt at all

    It is true that when you perspire copiously, you will get muscle cramps unless you replace the salt. But a salt tablet is a solid piece of brine, and a solid piece of brine resting on the mucous membrane of the stomach can cause nausea and vomiting.

    If you know you are going to perspire during a workout or contest, you can take a little extra salt with your food beforehand. During the contest you can take some salt after your activity. But don’t overdo it.

    Be sure you are only restoring salt that you have lost by sweating. The body can’t store salt. If you overdo it, you may actually induce the cramps and muscular weakness you were trying to avoid.

    The fluids from the cells in your body will be drawn into the bloodstream and the digestive tract in order to dilute the salt so that it can be more easily excreted from the body.

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    Thanks for the good info!
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    Just read your bio and it sounds like you live in such a wonderful place. I bet it's especially beautiful in the spring and fall. I was so jealous to read that you have six cats!!! I love animals and just lost my two little best friends, my two cats, in the last year. Right now I don't have any pets and it sure makes your life alot less peaceful and warm. I also saw on your other post that your dog isn't doing well and I am so sorry you are dealing with it as well.

    As for this subject, I think that the biggest issue on whether or not to add salt is determined by your blood pressure. If you have low or low normal bp then you may be helped by adding salt, esp if you tend to get dizzy when sitting up or standing. If you have high bp, salt will obviously only make your bp worse. I always wonder why people take salt tablets when it's easy enough, and more fun to just add salt to your food throughout the day. Plus, it's more natural than a pill and is not one big dose all at once. I am currently seeing a cardiologist who is treating me for neurally mediated hypotension (diagnosed by a tilt table) and he has advised me to eat salty potato chips every day! Can you imagine? After all the diet advice I have gotten and all the things I have had to cut out, he tells me to eat chips! I thought it was funny. Anyway, I don't like the idea of eating potato chips every day so I took the general idea and just started eating more salt. The salt helps retain the water in your blood vessels thereby increasing your bp. It helps to drink a fair amount of water, but you don't have to go overboard--my cardio even suggested I drink too much water.

    Hope some of this helps. Oh and I get the same thing you do...on your bio...everyone always tells me "Well you sure look good! You don't look sick at all". Even though it's complimentary and I certainly don't want to look sick, it is challenging sometimes to not take it personally as if someone is secretly sayiing that you must not really be sick.

    That's all for now! Take care,