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  1. onnaroll

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    hi all you have all been very nice to answer my questions
    and i was hoping someone could help me again!!

    my problem is i was hit by all this horribly !!!speaking about the fibro and myofascial pain!! and what ever else is going on inside me. I know im suffering from more than this! At first like i said i had horrible arm and shoulder pains! then i was fighting fire with fire flat on a heating pad for over two years. didnt have proper meds at all then.

    now that im medicaded and years have went by, i have terrible stinging pains in my middle back, there sever! ill grab my gradchild or move wrong or just be setting there .

    my pain is usually always more intence in the evening. I also have a raised spot where all this pain has accured.and it has effected the muscles in my back so much.
    my doctor said this is normal with chronic back pain!! I dont think its normal to cry this much from anything! my poor family has had to deal with all this too.

    It breaks my heart so much when its that bad i cant hold back these tearse. Im fighting for my disability but i dont want to jeperize me getting this(FIRST FILLED IN 2001). But part of me wants to go to spokane wash and see a specialest there. ive been to one pain specialist and paid 300.00 for him to tell me something i all ready know!! didnt give me anything for pain and told me to go to the pain meeting at my local hospital.

    I really need support i just dont know what to do anymore my nails have seen better its a horrible feeling having this much pain in my arms and back and not knowing if myo and fibro is all this is.. can anyone give me the courage to keep going . what would you do??????
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    Just a shot in the dark so to speak, but is it possable you may be having an attack of shingles. It causes a burning stinging pain in the area of the rib cage.
    just a thought.
  3. MamaR

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    as I read your post I could feel the pain in each word! I have grandchildren and this disease has robbed me of being the grandmother that I wanted to I can relate to what you spoke of there too!

    I am so sorry... and know what severe pain can do to our entire mind, body, LIFE! I wish that I had the answer for you.

    There is ONE thing that I think I know from reading this... and that is you need a more understanding doctor for sure. After many years I THINK that I have found one that at least wants to try to understand. So there is hope!!

    I can say this because I can't count the times that I have left a doctors office....sit in my car and say...what on earth have I accomplished? I would have to sit awhile.... and get the crying out before I left for home.

    I knew that when I got home... my hubby would ask me how it went...what could I say? He would be frustrated. That is why I started taking him with me!!!!

    I will pray that you can find a good doctor to help find the correct meds for this pain.

    And we are hear to read... and try to send comforting words!!

    [[[[A REALLY Big HUG]]]]


  4. onnaroll

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    thanks all for coming through for me...=) THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST BATTLE OF MY LIFE.. yes i have been to chyropracter and this caused my muscles to be sick feeling. um i wish it was just shingles, although that is horrible to see my youngest daughter had it and shes scared for life back and front side. would love to try accupuncture (bad spelling sry) but i have know medical insurance . would love to be going to physical therapy too! But cant afford it. Im going to get that book on myofacial pain though. wish i could get my disability so i could have insurance..this has went on soo long!!! how much is it for accupuncture? thanks again everyone for helping me...=) LUV TO YOU ALL AND A BIG HUG GOING FOR THAT ICE NOW!!
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    just wanted to let you know how wonderful i think you all are... thank you sooo much!!! Last night i had to call 911 my husband got of the computer and was green, so i gave him his dinner and the scariest thing ever happened!! he passes out with a piece of meat in his mouth!! he didnt responded to me !!! i was so scared. he was out for about 45 sec but it seemed like forever.. the medics checked him and he alot better today. but im making him go to the doctor asap. hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving..=) luv u guys