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    A few weeks ago I thought that I was able to look for a job. I calles rhe dept of rehabilitaion to find out able training . the lady told me to cancle my short term disabliiity and apply for unemployment. So I did. That same week I had a relapes and my legs and feet start going numb again. It feel like my muscles are tearing. also the lumps on the side od my neck the skin over them are turning dark. When I went to the meeting at the dept of rehab. th elady said that I shoulld not have canceled the disabilty and she saod that it doesn't loook like i am retrainable.
    I screwed up badly. I called the disablity people and they ssaid that they would send an evaluator to see if they can reopen the caase.
    And today i rolled mmy leg. My husband doesn't know this yet. We don'thave ins. to go tothe dr.. The hhospital won;t see me wioth menoy up fornt.
    My hubsand asked me last night to put an ad. up to sell my treadmill ans my hamds are shaking so bad thay i can hardly write . we need the monry kjnow for rent . Iscredwwd up bad. i'm afraid to eat because we need the food to last for my kids. we owwe so many poeple including the bank. what should i do?
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    If you have a church, go to see the pastor as soon as possible. If not, call the local Salvation Army or Catholic Charities and tell them your story.

    These agencies exist to help people like you. They also can work with your state disability office. They get United Way or Community Chest money for this.

    If you do not find help in these calls, call the United Way directly.
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    to call a feww places. i diddn't thhinkabout the united way. we've just started going to a church here and i feel weird asking for food . but i'll try.