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    I"m in need of prayer for ringing in the ears, its really getting to me Please ask God when you pray tonight for healing of this problem for me . I just can"t seem to cope with it .
    My hubby just came home and hes just so fatique. I worry so much since this heart thing came up with him. Drs just never have give us a answer.
    He goes to see the heart Dr in town here Aug 2nd. Theres something wrong hes never been this tired before.
    I just feel so depressed all the time I just cry all the time,just out of the blue.
    I just wonder around the house at night when everybodys asleep, I"ve never felt so alone in my life.

    I just feel like nothing is every going to be right again every week I have something else wrong with me .
    the pain in my ribs and middle of my back is so bad I can hardly stand it, I just can"t find anything in life thats seems good anymore.
    I never laugh or feel any joy, I know God doesn"t want us to live our lives like this,
    Our kids never come around anymore I guess thats my fault they don"t want to be around a sick person, but I try to hide my pain when I"m around other people sometimes I go in my bedroom and cry ,so my hubby and son don"t have to see me.
    I'm sorry thanks for letting me vent. God Bless all.
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    I have responded to you before, and I suppose because I am also in my 60's, your posts always strike loud and clear to me.

    I know both you and your husband have suffered greatly, are frustrated with the medical profession, waiting, family, bad news and more.

    I understand that walking around the house crying. Been there, done that.

    I can only tell you that my anti depressant has made me able to do things I could not do a year ago. Also, rather than push people away, now I try to pull them towards me. The drugs have enabled me to stop crying, and start doing. Oh I am not out jumping rope, but I am functioning at a better level.

    I think you need answers to your medical problems, and it seems like the problems are popping up faster than you can react.

    I intend to pray. I mean that in earnest.

    I wish you had a support system. I got a computer back in 2001 and at that time was on a board for FMS where emails were available. I have a group of a dozen women literally around the world that write me nearly daily, some several times daily.

    This enables me to stay connected. Sometimes they see me heading for some emotional disaster and warn me . These women have become the sisters God forgot to give me. We all have FMS along with other complications.

    My email is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing at night. We support each other. We talk so openly, and we all admit that in person we could not share all that we do in written communication.

    I wish there was a way for you to have a support system. I believe you can put FMS into google and get long lists of support groups. I hope you can find one where you can read, kind of take a peek. You will notice certain people that you wish you could reply or answer to. Some other support groups enable personal messages or email addresses.

    I suppose many people would say I took a risk doing what I did by emailing strangers. BUT, these are real people, they have sent me gifts and flowers and phone calls, as I have done with them. They fill a void. Please try this, you need people you can talk to one on one. I would gladly email you directly, but on this forum that is not a possibility.
    Bless you and keep you, and your husband.
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    Father I just ask that you please give this lady Your peace in the midst of the circumstances in her home. Please heal her of this ringing in her ears and anywhere else in her body that needs healing in the name of Jesus be healed. Thank you in Jesus Name Amen.
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    thanks guys , sorry I sounded so pitiful last night. I"ve tried antidepressants, and they tend to make me feel worse. I know alot of people don't understand that, but they do.
    I"ll try to see if I can find another astrump suggested. I do not want to be a burden to any of you.if you feel this way I"m sorry.
    but God bless all of you for your prayers and support that you have given me and my hubby these past few weeks.

    I thought I"d made some Fibro friends here, I"m sorry I don"t have more cheerful post right now. and that it seems like I"m always in need.
    May God Bless all of you. sixtyslady
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    thanks so much for the concern and prayers,
    I"ve just had so much lately and then with thisD.D. it just never lets up.
    I"ve lost5 family members in the last 5yrs, and with my health and my hubbys health ,its just to much sometimes to handle.
    My daughter called this morning and shes really sick with this virus thats going around and she just pushes herself I try to tell her to learn to say no to people, but she just hasn"t learned how yet.
    she told me My Grandson thats on drugs and not living at home is going around town barefoot,hes only 18 and his parents kicked him out because they could"t do anything with him ,this is my other daughters son.
    I just want to drive to that town and find my grandbaby and put him in rehab somewhere.
    I ask his mother to sign him over to me last yr before he turned 18 and that I would put him in rehab, but she would"t do it.hes on probation I wish we could get the Judge to order him to rehab. please pray for him his mane is Michael. hugs sixtyslady
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    I want you to know that I am on board praying for you. I am asking for healing in your body and your spirit (depression). I am also asking that your children would be more kind and considerate, understanding, and supportive. That your husband would also find healing, and that someone would reach out to your grandson and share the answer for his drug problem, which is GOD! Also, that the holy spirit would prepare his spirit to be open and accepting. Love and Hugs to you, Tam
  7. sixtyslady

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    thank you so much for the prayers, I keep praying for my Grandson, that God well send someone into his life that can get through to him.
    I"m just at rock bottom right now . many thanks for the prayers. sixtyslady
  8. MamaR

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    I am so sorry that you are going through so much... and on top of that you are not well.
    Please know that I will continue to pray for you... and your family situation.
    I need to thank you for always praying for me....God will bless you for your concern for others.

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    yes I"ve had alot in the last few yrs, but all of you guys taking the time to reply sure helps.
    we have 1 metal health facility in our town and its just a joke.
    you know I think its true all the good drs go to bigger area,s,
    I guess I"d like to believe that I have enough faith that my love ones who have past are in a much better place ,and I really do feel that way, but that doesn"t keep us from missing them.
    I think I have to much time on my hands.wish I could feel good enough to help at the food pantry.or be a grandparent at one of the school. but with this d.d. one never knows how your going to feel.It seems like we"re just so limited to want we can do. thanks for letting me vent.

    hugs and blessing sixtyslady
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    I hope you find that Joy.Linda