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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by sillyturtle, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone!
    I am new here. I am so thankful, I have founds these boards! It looks like they will be closng soon though.
    Anyway, I take care of my grandmother. She is 85 years old and hasn't been diagnoised yet. I think, she may be in the beginning stages of Alzheimers but I'm not a doctor.
    Recently, I have noticed a lot of changes in her. She has a hard time with Names and repeats herself a lot! She is still pretty independant though. She makes her bed, takes a shower and dresses on her own. The thing I have noticed more than ever is her mood. We use to get along like two peas in a pod. Now, it seems all we do is argue. She is negative all the time! I try to make a joke and it doesn't help. I try to redirect and that helps sometimes. Does anyone have any other ideas that may help change her mood? She also gets really stubborn and irratated at times! It's just not like her.
    She just lost her sister recently. She died Dec. 5 th 2004 so, I know that puts more stress on her. She also has a brother close by and his memory is really gone! It's so sad to watch. I know she worries about him as well. My grandmother says; "I'm just tired!" all the time. She also said the other day; "I wish I had been the one to go!" (talking about her sister dying). I think she wants to die? Maybe she is really depressed and needs medication? She has a MD but has not seen a Neurologist. She has had a Cat Scan but no MRI yet. Her Cat Scan came back ok.
    I need to find a job but I am worried, if I start working again she will get sick again and It may effect my new job. Help!!!! I don't know what to do!
    Sorry this is a book. Thanks in advance for listening and for any advice you can give.
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    This message board moves very slow...go back to the message boards and go to the Alzheimers board. If you noticed, this whole board is closing and we have started another forum and will bump up the info for you. hugs, Deb