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    Okay I am still trying to find a doctor. My ENT suggested that he thought I have CFS (duh), but my PCP says it is too difficult to screen for. What "kind" of doctor should I try next? Would an Immunologist know about this? If my PCP isnt educated enough to help me, what kind of specialist should I ask for a referral for? I know that Rheumatologists help with FM but what about CFS?
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    I have found a Dr. who specializes in CFS, and FMS, have you tried the Good Dr. List on this website? In order to find someone who "specializes", you might have to be willing to drive a distance if you do not live in a large city. It is well worth it though. The AMA has a site, where you can type in Specialties and States in your search, also. If you do not find one there, try doing web searches, with CFS Specialist and your State. After going through many Drs. who either did not believe in CFS or FM, or who did not know how to treat, I searched on the internet, compiling a list, and then interviewed the receptionist before ever making an appt. For example, some of the questions I asked were: How many CFS, FM patients does the Dr. currently see? Will he treat with conventional RX'es, supplements, herbs? There is no point in wasting time and money on a Dr. who will not or cannot treat you. I have a days drive to see my Dr., but it has made all the difference in the world. We have conquered many aspects of CFS/FM, such as Systemic Candida, Pain, Numbness, Spasms, Lack of Sleep, Restless Leg Syndrome/Sensory Overload. I have an appointment in a week, and we will begin treating the disabling extreme fatigue, next.
    Best wishes, LL