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    Enzymes & Steriods ? 04/26/03 05:01 AM

    Hello and Good day, new fellow here. Have a relation with FM who started on an enzyme supplement diet which seemed to help, however question is - Has anyone heard of a new book out which has a combination of using an Enzyme diet with mild steriod ?. don't know the author, sorry.
    I've read that some steriods should generally be avoided but some mild ones could be ok ?.
    Swimming / walking seems to be very recommendedto raise the serotonin levels to help depression / anxiety and to help build the body, does this work?
    apologies for all the questions but having just spent time researching the net theres alot of conflicting info out there.
    anyway, any help / tips would be greatfully received and hope to be here more often in future.
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    I think enzymes are a wonderful help for anyone with this illness, and good for everyone over age 50 in general, since our bodies make less of them as we age.
    I'm not sure about the steroids, esp. since I have no idea which ones you are referring to, so I hesitate to answer. I take Pregnenolone, which is a natural steroid from which your body uses cholesterol to make hormones you may be deficient in. It needs to be taken in very small doses, no more than 3 mgs. daily, and you need to have your blood checked to make sure you are not getting too much. I would not fool around with steroids without a doctor monitoring me.
    I totally agree with the exercise helping, and doing exercise in water is a great way to start, but it must be worked up to very, very slowly or it does more harm than good. Your mate will have a great opportunity to learn patience and self-discipline with this illness if he/she does not already have it!

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    Hi, welcome to the board. I think your questions were answered.

    I have had great success after I found something that helped me with deep sleep. That seemed to be my biggest problem with the FM. The pain in down at least 80% now.

    I have been in pretty good shape for the last year. If you are interested, will be glad to tell you what has helped me.

    We are all so different, and what works for some, does not help others. Its sad, but so true.

    Again, welcome...................

    Shalom, Shirl
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    NO steroids can be considered mild. This is a subject I am well learned in and I would advise no one with Fibro to take any gluccocorticosteroid. Most people say that it will not help Fibro-type pain. I know that I have other conditions for which I have HAD to take steroids in order to stay alive, but the bad effects are horrendous and I took myself off them two days ago against medical advice because they were making me psychotic and paranoid and suicidal.
    This is serious stuff. Don't try the steroids. I can't advise about the enzymes.
    Welcome to the board. Enjoy!
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    First, Thanks to all for replying.

    Shirl, what was it that helped attain the deep sleep ?. From what I can gather, and agree with others, different things help different people but basis seems to be:
    Enzymes to help digestion in upper & lower stomach to help get proteins created in the body to raise oxygen levels helping create right situation for body.
    Gentle exercise to bring up the endorphin levels and to clear build up of potassium in the muscles.
    Good deep sleep which allows the body to work on self repairs at cell level.( as well as helping the mind relax)
    Possible Real light which people with SAD use to raise Serotonin levels.
    Do not overexert initially, gentle build up with some swimming / walking ( MILF says when she swims in the sea she gets much more refreshed although pool is good too)
    I understand that it may not necessarily work but hope it helps.
    I've been recommended Calmzymes from the states to help sleep patterns, any info on these ( they seem to have a whole regime - OxyCellZymes for digestion)have you come across these?.
    Again, Many thanks
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    Under your other post of the same subject.

    Love, Mikie