Help PROTECT your stomach

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    I've posted over the years here that I take Probiotics, Super Digestive Enzymes
    and ***DGL*** (stomach lining tamer)...

    I've been in the ER back in the 80's from a drug anti inflammatory so I'm so
    cautious of taking care of my stomach...and I take Advil daily.

    A friend just sent me a note about a mutal friend who is having some health
    challenges and in a parkinson type malady....anyway, this man has been taking
    Aleve for shoulder pain and now he's in the hospital with intestional testing...

    He has not been protecting his stomach....he does not think Prevention for a
    second...He is not alone with working on prevention.
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    Do a search:

    Does grape seed extract help protect the stomach?

    A lot of info comes up and I've been taking grape seed ex
    since 1995, LONG after the ulcer mess in the early 80's....

    So add this to the list of stomach protectors...
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    Turns out the guy above ended up with a large ulcer per my friend who is his friend...he's released from hospital and will now spend 3-5 days in rehab facility.

    Protect your stomach....truly check into DGL...I would not be without it....I've had that ulcer 30some yrs ago.

    Keep working on being more alkaline than acidic...