help really confused about cfs and weight!!!

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    last year i was told that i got trimelia neuraliga (pains in left side of face sometimes goes numb) was told later this could me linked to cfs.

    In March i had very swollen glands in neck and was told it could be glandular fever/throat infection still no joy in June and was told by a consulatant that it could be due to fatigues syndrome, he never passed this onto my doctor.

    i since habe had problems with legs feeling not tired just numb sometimes cant get body to do what i want it to do especially legs.

    i then went back to doctor who gave me prozac for depression and wasnt really concerned about cfs.

    i am concerned of what i have and dont know what to do i recently lost 3 stone (42 pounds) and still want to lose more weight but am concerned that i will put more on as cant go to gym due to legs.

    sorry this is long but really would like advice!!
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I'm not quite following. Are you asking if CFS/FM puts on weight or are you asking if prozac causes weight change? Are you trying to loose weight or are you gaining when you don't want to?

    You'll have to forgive my "fog" this evening.
    I'd like to help, but my brain isn't computing...LOL

    Bumping for sharper minds....