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    Hi all,

    On the thread about Katrina the question was asked how to help. This may be 'inappropriate' to put on this board however, the question was asked and the need is so great.

    Naturally, the Red Cross is in need of monetary donations. As of today, the numbers were we are sheltering 42,000 people and have served 63,000 meals in shelters, fixed feeding sites and sending out over 600 mobile feeding vehicles into neighborhoods. These numbers are expected to only increase over the next days and weeks. Based on numbers and calls we received through the Call Center today, we are expecting well over an additional 100,000 evacuees now in motels who will be out of funds and will need sheltering in the next couple of days. All of this is done through donor dollars. The number to donate is 800-HELP NOW.

    Volunteering - THERE IS A DESPERATE NEED!!!! Shelters will most likely be opening in states and areas far from the disaster zone where evacuees are having to leave motels. Many of you may live in areas where shelters will be opening for them. Houston is one of the big evacuee areas. There are a load of functions that need to be filled from working in the shelters to working behind the scenes in support functions. If you are interested in volunteering, check with your local Red Cross chapter. Experience is not being required at this time. Crash courses are being offered. And, supervisers are always at hand to answer any questions.

    If you are able to go to where help is needed, the Red Cross pays your way there and back and feeds and shelters you while there. They are looking for 2-3 week committments.

    I can't begin to express the soul fulfillment working on disasters has given me over the years. It can truly be long hard work and, yes, I have come home and gone right into a flare on occassion. However, I have never regretted it once.
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    I live in East Texas and work in Beaumont. It's on Interstate 10 east of Houston toward the Louisiana line. I work for a state agency and we have been given permission to go and volunteer to help the evacuees here and to help coordinate donations for the relief effort. I will be going to do that for the rest of the week and whenever I can for as long as needed. I have a special place in my heart for my birth city, New Orleans, and spent a lot of time on the beaches in Biloxi and Gulfport as a child. Just seeing the devastation and tragedy on television is surreal. I cannot imagine what these people are going through. The faces of the refugees who are in our area are heartbreaking...stunned people who have no idea what to do next. The people still in harm's's all so unimaginable. They need all of us to help.

    We all gave to help tsunami victims last year....I hope everyone will do what they can and then some for our own people.
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    As of today, there was a shelter in Beaumont and a few in Orange, TX. So far Houston hasn't opened one.

    Yes, the shocked and stunned faces of the refugees are heartbreaking. Many have only what they brought with them and have no homes or jobs left to go to. Most have never imagined themselves ever being in this position, especially of having to ask for help.

    Right now they are all in shock. In a few days the reality will be setting in on all they've lost and where they stand. That is when they are really going to be needing the support and encouragement to move forward.

    Good luck Aquabugs. I'm sure your volunteering efforts will be an experience you will never forget.
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    We have donated to the Salvation Army and expect to for a few months. We also talked about helping, but with my health and my husband's job, we can't right now. But, I do hope that people will be able to do this,whichever group they choose to help...such a need.

    Our prayers, our time, and our money...we are a great people, and I believe this will be a tremendous task, but if we all do what we can, it will happen. I just can't imagine losing all...everything...and even loved ones. It has just begun; I hope that our "sitcom" time expectations won't take over, and when the task takes time, we lose heart. As we all know, not everything is solved in 30 minutes.


    Thanks again for posting
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    As I mentioned in my reply on the Katrina thread, I had thought about waiting to donate until everything settles down. Then, most of the contributions coming in have dried up, money has been used up, and the media is no longer covering the disaster.

    After reading some news article about the situation in the south, I think, instead, I'm going to donate some money now (maybe not as much) and then more in a month or two. This is going to be a very long term disaster. And the people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are going to need help for a long time.

    Guess we don't know how lucky we really are until something like this happens. Compared to the people in the areas hit by the hurricane, my life is a "bowl of cherries".