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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 28years, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. 28years

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    I've had CFIDS for 28 years, I thought I'd had every symptom in the book and a few that aren't in the book. Now I have something new. It started with swelling in my finger joints. Both hands and multiple joins. At first I thought it was arthritis or maybe even Lyme disease.

    But then I got swelling in the long bone of one of my fingers. One day was fine, the next morning I woke up with the swelling, and I couldn't straighten out that finger. I can straighten out the fingers were the joints are swollen. This morning I woke up with swelling all along my collarbone.

    The swelling is painful,and fairly hard. I'm almost positive that has nothing to do with me taking antivirals (Valtrex). As it started months before I started taking Valtrex. It started off very slowly with one joint, but has been progressing more and more rapidly.

    I don't have any other new symptoms. I have been more tired than usual, but I've been putting that down to the Valtrex. I do have on and off low-grade fevers, but I have had those for several years.

    I do have an appointment with my doctor next week.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be? I don't even know how to begin researching it.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all help.

    I did see Hensue's post about finger swelling. So far looks like she has no diagnosis. Also she doesn't mention swellings in any other part of her body.

    I reposted this because there seemed to be a problem with my other post.
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    I don't have anything significant to add other than what you've probably already thought of, arthritis and/or RA. Or maybe even a severe case of Edema? I googled some basic things and came up with lots of things, including lymphedemia and cellulitus.

    I just wanted to say 28 years is such a long time to suffer, and I'm so sorry that you've had to struggle with this so long. I hope you update us on what you find out at the Dr. next week.
  3. hensue

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    Doc called today and said all my blood work which they havent got it all has ruled out Thank God Rhumetoid Arthritis. Not all the blood on lupus is back.
    He says he thinks it is a severe case of Osteo Arthritis. All over body.
    That maid sense until he told me i needed to go to an orthopedic doctor. He said on the xrays. Mind you i went in because of all the swelling and disfurgement and hurting on the right hand. I have a fractured bone at the base close to your wrist actually my thumb! I said well no wonder i almost hit the floor when i opened a pop top. I thought it was just hyper extending. like some of your bones do with fibro. He said no and i dont understand why you dont know that it is broken. He said you did not know when your ribs were broken or your toe. I told him i just attribute all pain to fibromyalgia.
    He said swelling and redness you should have known. I said you have bladder spasms, migraines hands dont work, knees hurt legs hurt. You get to where you dont know where the pain is coming from. As my friend explained it. She has MS
    she says if her back hurt she attributes it to MS.
    So i go thursday to the orthopedic doc. Do whatever i am suppose to do.
    i dont know what has this swelling and pain with osteo going but the swelling is not as severe. yet it is still there. It hurts to. So that is my update and he still wants me to see the rhuemy even though the date is in feb. soon as you can get in. Unless they have a cancellation i said why osteo they cannot do anything for it right. He said i want to make sure that is what it is>
    Doctor bills meds. piling high just with little bit it is outrageous.
    Should i still see the Rhuemy since he doesnt think i have RA Or Lupus.
    Thank you God.

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