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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gone2pot, Apr 14, 2003.

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    I'm new here and I would appreciate your input. I am seeing a new Chiro for the first time. I am curretnly feeling so skeptical and cautious (having tried every snake oil know to man for my CFS which is flaring up). He has spent an amazing amount of time with me educating me about Chiro et. and is very knowledgable about CFS/FM He says he has a plan that included measurable results - BUT he wants to see all my vitamins and I know that is the next big pitch. Have any of you experienced this Chiro/supplement approach? Can Chiropractors really have a wide enough knowledge about supplements? I am confused - AGAIN. I guess I'm skeptical because I was spurred to turn to Chiro because of a flare up of neck/back pain and cruel headaches. On the first appt. he spent 1 hour with me, did some testing (tender points), did Xrays and then didn't adjust me because he said I would be too sore (and actually I flared over the weekend) He did two adjustments today and has me filling out a 200 questions sheet. My foggy brain can't even decide how to answer. Oh
    well... I would appreciate any words from those of you who care to reply. Thank you in advance. It is a gift an a comfort to know you folks are out there. Cheers!
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    I have been seeing a Chiropractor for about 8 months now and I highly recommend it. My Chiropractor had me feel out a health assessment sheet like yours and with that he was the first doctor to put 2 and 2 together and realize I have an insulin resistance problem. No other Dr has figured that out yet. He is VERY knowledgeable about alternative medicine. Many chiropractors are. He told me last time I went in (I go in again this evening-yeah) That many Drs. will treat your symptoms instead of finding the root of the problem. He said Chiropractors try to do the opposite so instead of taking 8 pills for each of your symptoms you take hopefully 1 or 2 to treat the root of the problem. Makes sense to me:) Mine also works with a massage therapist as well as a nutritionist. Together they are working for a diet plan for me.
    Anyway, I think you are doing the right thing for yourself.

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    I can say that I have not found a cure for my widespread m pain. I have had it for so many years. I am not saying that this doctor is not able to help. They do have a fairly extensive education. The pre-requirements are close to pre-med and their chiropractic education is in the neighborhood of 3 years. Chriopractic has not helped my FMS and I have been a chiro fan much of my life. I went to my chiropractor about a month ago (first time in a few years). I was pretty sore for about two weeks after being adjusted. She did not adjust much and she worked my muscles a bit.

    I wish you the best...Jan
  4. marta

    marta New Member every other profession; there are good ones and bad ones. A good one is worth his or her weight in gold with help with nutrition and other types of care, the not-so-good ones just adjust you as frequently as they can. I've had both.

    This post got my attention because it reminds me so much of me sometimes until I remember that I can speak! If you're having trouble filling out the form in one sitting, tell him that. If he wants you to buy supplements and you're unsure, tell him that you need time to do some research - or take what you already have.

    Because we get so frustrated and fatigued, we often forget that we have a voice and it's worthy of attention.

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    recommends nutritional therapy, has massage therapy available in her office, and keeps an open mind to all forms of healing. when i was at my worst, it was the chiro that kept me going because of her wholistic approach. think about it (i know, you're feeling foggy), do you really want a caregiver that will just shuffle you in and out of the office or someone who is basing treatment on a thorough history, and respect for all of your body systems. you probably won't be offered too many vitamins at once, it's harder to tell what is really keep an open mind about the vitamin advice.