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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Nov 3, 2005.

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    I sent an email to my governors office today about problems with my child support. In my letter I stated that I was in the process of applying for disability. They wrote me right back and asked if I wanted to write to my senator about the disability. My question is that awhile ago someone put out here a pretty good idea of what you should write when writing to you senator. I've tried a search but can't find it. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  2. 69mach1

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    call your congressman's office and they will have a very short form to fill out to get the ok to check on your case and such. legal matter.

    they will send you the form in them mail and you will put it right back in the mail it takes a only a few minutes of your time... you can enclose a letter w/it keep it brief and to the point of what you are wanting them to do for you which is a congressional inquiry....don't get stressed out about the letter just keep it too the point short and sweet. they are busy as well they have a representative in charege at their office that handles these cases...

    so the more time you are writing the more time they could be calling and acting on your behalf...but do check in when they say too. and try not to hound them because they are dealing wiht the red tape as well and your are not the only case...try to be sweet and respectful of their time and i know how hard it is to sit and wait....but they are working on it in a much quicker fashion then ssa is doing for you...

    they can not make the decision for you remember...just help w/getting the paperwork off of the desks collecting dust....

    and for child support=call your congressman's office as well. i don't know your situatation there. but trust me been there done that. i went 3 years w/o plus disabled filing the whole gambit as you....i went on tanf, which in california only paid me $555.00 a month not even half of my 2 bd. apt.

    you are going to have to try to be very resourceful it is difficult.

    but i did get a call back from my congressman's office and told me to relay a message to local da office to ask them what they needed to do to get me my money/ so did. but really did help at all.... my husband was working at the time for a pipefitters union in san jose ca.. and they were very good about sending back the envolope and satateing were don't have anyone working here by that ss# and name... they did that to cover for his but...

    i know there are federal laws that have been passed pertaining to c/s. buyt i have no faith in the system. they wya i did get some money for a month or two at the most was i had to call the union hall and say there was a emergency at home... i set up caller id, so i had name of company and phone number....then when they started to get money out of his check he made himself unemployed again...

    he was and still is working at bars at night, some have been strip bars and they make a lot of money, it may be dirty in my mind, but he would make $15.00 an hour plus his tips which he wpuld complain if he brought home less than 200.00 a night. also he has his private secrutiy business $500.00-1,000 a day...but alll cash under the table....

    top it off he was living w/stripper or dancer what ever she wanted to be called....

    so i hope i'm not depressing you but i just stating what was my situation... they way have been getting a check for the last maybe two years is because the stripper live-in cheated on him and she is out of the picture...

    my son is 15 years and i have gone from having new cars and collector mustangs. one eddie murphy personally owned to not having a depedable car to transprot our son to sports ans school...

    i know some states and counties don't put up with the bull so i hope yours is one of them.....

    i wish you the best and i did write my congressman's office in regards to this topic but never heard back....

    don't give up1


  3. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Jodi - I am so sorry to hear what a hard time you are having with your child support issues. I have a girlfriend the same way. He ex has never paid a dime in child support because it is all under the table. The best way to look at that though is when he is ready to retire he won't be able to because he has never paid in. He can be a 62 year old stripper and see how much money he makes then. lol. Actually I'm one of the lucky once because when I divorced my ex he was military so they took it right out of his check and when he retired he got a job right away. My complaint was that it was coming out of his check and getting sent but I was not recieveing it. The good news for me is that both weeks posted last night so I will recieve it by Tuesday. I also think I will talk to the senators office and see what they can do to help. No harm no foul and it has been over a year now since I first applied. Have the attorney so lets see if this helps any more. Thanks for you suggestions and hang in there. Remember what goes around comes around and some day you ex is going to find that out.

  4. lilac123

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    Hi Sue,

    This is all such a long drawn out process but if you contact your Congressman's office like someone else said you can work with someone who is called a "constituent services specialist".

    You may do a search under my username and find the letter I wrote. I was just awarded my disability after 2 denials, and was going to have to wait another 17 months for the hearing. Working with this person moved my case along and it was looked at sooner and approved. He was so helpful and professional. I would recommend being very sincere and consistent in any correspondence and alos have other people who know you and how sick you are write letters also. My mom came for a visit and could not believe the differences in me since my dd. She was able to notice things I'm not even aware of.

    Best of luck to you and if I can be of help please let me know. I am in a battle now with this wacko lawyer I hired just for a hearing and don't think it's right he collect 25% when he didn't do anything. The congressman's office is wanting me dispute this charge to a senior judge in Chicago. I'm sorry I don't have any advice about the child support.

    Hang in there and don't give up. It is horrible we have to fight like this when we are sick. But, this man was so helpful to me.
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    YOU ARE a corporation or a wealthy contributor, your senator is not going to be interested.
  6. 69mach1

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    not to be nosy are you getting some of your ex's retirement for the service? i know you are entitled to 50% if you were married to a service member for 10 years or more...that isn't your child support just for being married and giving your life to the service for being married to them.

    i can't recall if i mentioned my ex0husband was in the u.s.c.g for 10 years., but he recieves 30% va i am entitiled to a percentage and my son is until he is 18 years and then while he is in college full-time...

    i would continue to write to congressman's office and mail them a ceritifed regiestered copy for both ssdi and child support. it can't hurt.

    best regards,


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