Help,SEVERE fatigue. I have fibro/cfs. Currently take antidepr. I don't feel like doing anything

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    I need help finding a solution to my chronic fatigue. I don't do anything anymore. I just don't feel like doing anything anymore. I take citalopram, been in counseling. I don't feel depressed, I just don't have any energy to socialize. Help!
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    Thank you. I have had a physical and blood tests. I don't feel as though I am depressed. I'm happy in the house, but I just don't leave. I don't feel as though I have the energy to get dressed, etc, travel and go socialize. The worst part is I'm missing out on time with my kids. (Divorced w/ 17, 20 & 23 year olds).
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    What are your symptoms besides having no energy?
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    I have fibro/CFS and Myo Facial Pain Syndrome. My fibro seems to cycle. I have also had both of my knees replaced. (42 years old) It seemed as though after those surgeries, 5 and 7 years ago, my energy went down hill. Most days, I'm really not in any real pain, maybe achy. I just am more happy being in the house and not exerting myself in any way. I was an athlete and life of the party. Now I lie and make excuses not to participate. Rheumatologist gave me gabbepentin, and couple other meds, but Nasty side effects. I felt better without them. Thank you for digging into this with me. Really appreciate it. I can't imagine living the rest of my life this way. I am lost...
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    Thank you for your insight. It helps!
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    I don't want to give up, but I don't know what else to try. I had hoped that some "natural" herb would be suggested and be the cure-all. Acupuncture and message would be something to try, but medicare doesn't cover it and disability won't pay for it. I wish there were a more informed specialist in my area. Then again, I don't even know what kind of specialist that would be!!!
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    I will check, good thinkin'!
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    There are many possible reasons for your fatigue. Some things you should check out:

    thyroid (as Jam said)
    weak adrenals
    B12 deficiency
    folate deficiency
    thiamine deficiency (see
    low potassium
    sensitivity to wheat and other food allergens - this is huge for many people

    It would be great if you could see an integrative medicine doctor - one who is knowledgable about nutrition and diet and supplements and doesn't just hand out drugs like most doctors. It doesn't sound like you should be on the anti-depressant your doctor gave you. As Jam pointed out, it can make you tired, among other things. Check out, a website for integrative medicine doctors. There's a search feature at the top of the page where you can find IM doctors in your area.

    An IM doctor should look into all the things I mentioned above. And you can do research on your own. Many of them do take Medicare.

    I've been taking B12 for years, but adding in folate (in the form of Metafolin by Solgar) helped my energy pick up. However, this caused an increased need for potassium, thus initially causing low potassium, so I had to add in potassium.

    I just a couple of days ago read the article above about thiamine - and so I am just now starting to take large doses of that. I've had trouble with low folate and B6 and B12, so think it's quite possible I may have trouble with thiamine as well, and theses can all affect energy.

    And as others pointed out, it would be really good to move this post to a different section. You have it under "Suggest a New Product" - well, people who might have more info for you probably aren't going to be seeing your post.

    Good luck! I think there's hope for you but you're probably going to have to do some research on your own and hopefully find a better doctor too -

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    One more thing you might want to try, which helped me a lot, is muscle testing by a competent chiropractor. Many years ago I had severe fatigue, was weak as a kitten, doctors were helpless. I stumbled upon a chiropractor who did muscle testing, and thought, what do I have to lose, besides $50? So I went to see him and he immediately found that my adrenals were very weak and gave me an adrenal glandular product from Standard Process which helped a great deal. My energy started picking up within a couple of days. One doctor had given me Prozac I guess because he didn't know what else to do, but I hated the way it made me feel and stopped it after 2 days. For so many doctors our health is just a guessing game, often involving drugs, especially anti-depressants which they often seem to give out when they don't know what else to do. But AD's can be very dangerous - they are not benign substances.

    The chiro also helped me with several digestive issues which the doctors again were unable to do anything about.

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    If there is one thing that I have learned over the past few years, is the fact that nobody can heal anybody, and you alone has the power to heal yourself. It might seem to sound absurd and even stupid, but just ponder this thought for a while. Our subconscious mind rules our body, and hence what we think, we become. Change your patterns of everyday thinking, and change your life.

    This sounds more complicated than it really is, and it is so simple that every person on planet earth can learn to do this himself and see radical changes within their bodies within an hour. We do not have to rely on doctors, medication or vitamin supplements to be pain free and healthy. The answer to your healthy life lies within yourself, because our bodies have the innate wisdom to heal itself. If you break your arm, the doctor will put a cast on it to immobilize your arm so that it can heal. That healing takes place all by itself, the doctor only assisted in the process. So it is with any other healing process in the body, but we must allow that process to take place by removing all the stumbling blocks and limitations we have put onto our bodies by social conditioning and the large pharmaceutical companies. I would just like you to look at these videos on Utube and see for yourself. Here is the link and this is all for Fybromyalgia and ME. It will change your life (

    If after you watched this and need help, contact me and I will assist you in every way possible to help and it won't cost you anything except your time. Isn't it about time that you take back control of your life and enjoy that what have been denied you so long. To be healthy and happy is your birthright. Just take this one courageous step now, today and start living today. It is after all only you that can make that choice. I chose to be happy and healthy. What will you choose?
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    Paul we don't choose to be ill. We don't need a punch in the face and a stab in the back by anyone telling us that if we just do what they did we don't have to be ill. It's not true that what works for you who works for everyone else. There is more to health then just our thoughts alone.

    Saying "this worked for me, maybe you want to try it out too and see if it works for you too" is a whole different ball game. Saying "this worked for me it will work for anyone if only you want to" is ignorant and hurtfull because it simply isn't true that people have choosen to be ill and that what works for one works the same for all.

    An hours long playlist isn't going to help us feel that radical change within our bodies within an hour. We'll only feel more depleted after an hour of trying to find what exactly we are supposed to try to feel that radical change within an hour. If it would be that simple I'm sure you could describe on here what you did to experience that radical change that fast. We have a LOT to lose, our valuable energy, waisting it on so called miracle models to try and find what exactly it is about does harm.

    We already know how to feel radically worse within an hour. I'm sure others would like to try too without having to go through enormous lists of long winded videos not knowing where to find what you are actually talking about. It should be possible to describe in a post what exactly we have to do to feel radically difference in our bodies within an hour. I don't mind investing an hour to find if something really works for me or not. I do mind being told I choose to be sick, and instead of telling me what exactly it was that helped you so fast sending me of to find the information in kazzilions of online videos. It seems strange to me that the main website doesn't simply describe the method but does have all these products to sell and even has an affiliation program if it is all supposedly free and honest.

    I happen to know enough about affiliate programs and laws to know that you are not allowed to contact people without being contacted first, and it seems that that is exactly what you are doing. Promising people a cure that is easy and simple without giving them any information but a list of videos of people who supposedly got cured and your email address to be contacted at so that it allows you to send your affiliate mailings and get commissions. I hope you prove me wrong and are really here to share a simple method that might be helpful to others. So far I'm not convinced.
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    Hi there Soul,

    First thanks for your comment, and let me just clear a few misunderstandings. I do agree with you that we don't choose to be ill, but once we have fallen ill, it is our sole responsibility to get well again.

    I have no affiliation with an organization or any company or people to sell or promote any products. The Youtube link I posted refers to a playlist of free videos about fibromyalgia and is all testimonials from people all over the world that decided to get help, and some of them have now become teachers to help other people. I am not doing this for money, but out of gratitude for what this had meant to me and thousands of others that crossed my path.

    There is one video on that playlist about a women that took 180 pills a day, and she is cured totally. The only reason that I gave people my e-mail, is because I sincerely want to help them bringing and end to their suffering, because I have helped countless others.

    Many people have suffered for years with crippling diseases that they have just accepted it as part of their life. I was also one of those, but I have chosen to do something about it and today I am in good health. By looking at these videos, you won't get cured, that is a fact, but that was not what I said either. This videos will show you that there is answers and that any disease can be cured as long as our mindset is right, whether you do it with traditional medical help, or any natural or alternative therapy. If you speak to some psychiatrists or do know Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will see that I am not wrong with my thinking that our thoughts can make us ill. Emotional Freedom Techniques of which Faster EFT is just a quick and effective method to deal with the emotional blockages (and most of us don't even know they do exist) that hinders the body to heal itself. Both Robert Smit and Gary Craig had done a lot to promote these techniques and both of them have free material that can teach you how to do this yourself. I have been trained in this and train others to help themselves. The only difference is, is that for me it is paying forward for what I have received from others as a free gift. My life is dedicated to help others. I have no other agenda, and my door will always be open, to anyone who wants to have a healthy life. I don't heal people..... I am just a mere tool or instrument to help them find that hope that eventually set them free from the chains of disease. I wish you well.
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    Paul I wish you well to. I don't get why you or the website doesn't just share that simple fast method that shows radical changes within an hour, so that people can experience it. If it is that easy and fast as you say why not explain it? And if you answer questions on here it will help everyone instead of making people email you.

    CBT has done and is still doing a lot of harm especially to those who have been hit harder with CFS/ME, and that is commonly known too. As well as GET and some other methods who go high on the if only you set your mind to it. There are gradations in every illness and each individual situation is different. The 'success' numbers are not based on those home and bedbound.

    It's great to share what you learned so that it might be helpful to some others but noone is served by having the attitude that since it worked for you, or others it's up to us to make the same choice to be happy and healthy too. That's just hurtful. Not everyone is cured by the same method. People on here are very experienced in following all kinds of treatments and methods based on mindset as well as any other possible treatments. Just share the method and your personal experience instead of making claims about it that make it sound as if there is something wrong with everyone elses mindset because you are 'cured' and we are not.
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    Hi Soul,

    The website of Robert Smit, ( and Healing does indeed have over 700 videos on it of which some of them includes the basic training and how to techniques. There is also a free start up course they offer on the webpage. I want to give you some of the video's number's that you can either watch online, or download it and watch it. The most import one's for now would be 69, 94, 118, 167, 320, 406 and 427. This will explain the method and some background. If there is a method to upload this videos to the forum, I would do so. I have an extensive range of books and relevant material that I have collected over the years, and would be willing to share that with everyone who would want it.

    What I also would like to bring to your attention, is video numbers 701,731, 762 and 796. This videos is testimonials with specific reference to fibromyalgia and related problems. After you have watched these, you will realize the complexity behind the process and skill levels needed to help people, as some of these cases involved more than 4 hours of tapping to get to complete relieve of all the symptoms. That was also another reason why I included my email address, to help and assist via skype where people get stuck. I do this all the time, and the only requisite for that is that an appointment is made which would then make sure that I can devote my time and attention to that one person. I still have a free clinic which I run on a 3 days a week basis from my house.

    I know all of this is strange and new to you, and I appreciate that you still have an open mind to explore new ways to better and improve your health. You will see that the process is simple and the relieve of your symptoms is quick and unbelievable. Also bear in mind that hidden emotions might show up and that your healing can be compared like that of peeling away layers of paint to get to the wood underneath it. Just keep at it. In my years that I worked with EFT, I have never seen failure. You have only 5 meridean points on your body that you will work on which covers all the organs in your body. the power of this technique not only lies in the simplicity, but also in the fact that you have to keep at it till all your symptoms are gone.

    Once you have learned to master it, you will come to love it, and its applications in your daily life will become a standard routine. You can be assured of one thing, and once a problem is solved completely, it will never come back. I am positive that this will bring positive change into your life, if you decide to use it, and again, I would offer my assistance to you or anyone who would need it.

    Take care and God Bless
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    I'm sorry Paul but you are still doing the same thing. Making claims that do not help anyone. We've all heared claims of no failure over and over again and we all given our full in many of those claims and know from experience by now that it isn't true that there is any one method that is failure proof for everyone. You are still not answering my question and no, we are not people that never ever get better because we want to stay sick and wallow in our own misery like you stated in your other post. It's neither strange or new to me to work with the consicousness, I'm a student of that for almost 23 years, even before I got ill, and I know what a healing that does to the soul.

    I was simply asking you for your personal experience and again you answer with a website with over 700 videos, that is nor simple nor fast nor personal. You keep making claims and all I wanted to know was what you personally did that made you feel the enormous difference in your body in one hour only that you are mentioning and what was the difference you felt.

    Anyways, I doesn't feel right to continue this conversation on this board that isn't about me or your method but about a question the initial poster posted so I'm gonna leave this thread now. I wish you well Paul and hope you find a way to share your message in a more postive and supportive way.

    And mbungert, I appologize for jumping in like I did but if people judge others so harshly without knowing their story or everything they did to become well I just have to jump in and speak out what's on my heart. I wish you all the best and hope you find a method that works for you.
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    Paul, does this also apply to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.???? Instead of telling us to watch YouTube videos, why don't you just explain to us, right now, what we need to do to feel radical changes within the hour. There's no need for YouTube or emailing you. Please, share your wealth of information right here with us. You'll be famous next week when we turn to our local news media to spread the great news of our miraculous recovery. ;)
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    Yes it does apply to diabetes, and I myself had cancer of the liver, given 15 months to live, and 6 years later I am still here, by the grace of God and the miracle of EFT. Just go and watch the videos, they will teach you all how to tap, because that is exactly what I did, because I wanted to live, and because I had friends and family that I loved so much and I was not ready to leave this world. If you stand in the face of death then you will realize how precious life really is. It took me 6 months of tapping, many days of despair, but my pain disappeared within about 24 hours. Just go and Google it. I have taught this technique to people in seminars, one one consultations, over long distance with the help of Skype and and by making them aware of the training material on the web. Yes, I have bought the training videos from Gary Craig and those Of Robert Smit. It saved my life, but is was still a choice I had to make. Die or do something. I chose to do something. I don't ask anyone to believe what I said. All that I know is that some of you people had been trying everything in the book that the doctors told you, and did it help or cured you. Why not try this and see for yourself. You have nothing to loose.

    Before you just make any judgement and snide remarks, at least have a look at this and then make an informed decision. With this I would put the challenge out there for all your non believers. Let us set up a Skype appointment with any person who are willing to try this, and let that person be witness to the power EFT. If there is no immediate improvement in the condition or pain levels, then you have all the right to call me a fraud.